Less Obvious Class Talents

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and now I’m considering resetting one of my sorcerers which led me to wonder how useful sorcerer Delay talent really is…

Some of the talents are very obvious and strong. Rogue Evade and Fighter Revive first come to mind. Cleric Manashield and Monk Withstand are also very obvious when applied. Barbarian Wound and Druid Companion leave a telltale graphic.

But some of them are really hard to see the effects. Am I just not paying attention? Particularly Sorcerer Delay, Ranger Pierce and Wizard Jinx.

I’ve only recently gotten some Ninja troops to level 5, so I’m starting to see enough pierce when combined with Ranger talent to make enough difference.

Correct, that’s also my plan which I give Ursena+20 as my war tank color is purple.
And since I do not get Krampus last time, and get Rumplesitsin from HA couple of days ago, I would plan to give my 2nd sorcerer to this blue random hero for defense, even random, I think he is still a good option, and also fun to use in offense (perhap), he is still 1.1, after Zila Lei maxed, I would level him. And I do not plan to give for Almur, until my 2nd sorcerer at +20.

About Rogue and Ranger, I also plan to give for my Francine if I do not get any other best rogue (like Frigg). But Ranger and Rogue has a good option for cheap talent mana at +8, so for avarage heroes like Puss in Boot, Domitia, Buddy, worth to emblem at +8 so that we can use mana troop lvl17 at them for use at offense.

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I totally get that stats and mana boost are a huge part of reason for adding emblems to heroes. I was just wondering about the actual class-specific talents of some of these classes.

And I have Almur at +20. He’s a key part of one of my best raid/war teams so I’m not resetting him any time soon…

So a bit limited here as my only sorcerer with emblems is Lady of the Lake, but the delay along with her minions does seem to have a noticeable effect. Not sure how much would see if it wasnt for the additional mana cut though.

Okay, I do not emblem Almur for now, because I have Evelyn+0, and she is okay at that level in my raid/war team. But would plan to give almur some emblem later on.

Another dillema on me is ranger: Onyx+19, Seshat+18, Tibs+20, Buddy+8.
Other option ranger is Gefjon+0, and I think I would reset Seshat for Gefjon, as I need more red, over purple, already have purple: Ursena, Killhare and Onyx at full emblem.

Yes, thats why I plan to put as many sorcerer at defense, at least Ursena and Rumplesitskin, and maybe another sorcerer candidat is Thorne costume, I already max him, and maybe I would reset Telluria for him.

this is so annoying… I agree.

Ah that makes sense. I have no 5* elemental def down heroes. :neutral_face:

Lady of the Lake is one of my most-hated heroes to fight. Those freaking mana-eating minions kick my butt. But I can’t tell how much of that is the emblems.

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Agree. I don’t have a ranger highly emblemed except Tiburtus+20, Buddy+19 and Sudri+19. The rest of my ranger emblems go to Evelyn+7, Lianna+7 with MCB (1st copy), costumed Lianna+7 (2nd copy), Gregorion+7, Seshat+7 and Athena+8 (mana bonus talent and supported by level 17 mana troop).

Lucky you. I can’t remember seeing my Mitsuko+20, Uraeus+20, Sabina+9 with MCB and my former Skiytleskull+20 (stripped him of emblems in favor of Uraeus) process their talent. Maybe saw it once or twice in total.

Sorcerer leaves the mana slow icon. Ranger and Wizard both flash a word when they proc, but in different places (on target for ranger, attacker for wizard — I think). Ranger is as easy to see as monk or cleric IMO. I find wizard hard to see except by observing massive damage (like Sartana doing 1600+).

I do think Sorcerer is a strong talent — many times I’ve been surprised that a hero didn’t charge with the others, and it’s because they were hit by a sorcerer.


I forget, I also have Sabina+18 (have her costume maxed, and choose costume def/hp path).
Very great against dangerous statuses, like Taunter, KadilenC, Sif, etc.

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Thanks for reminding me to replace Ametrine with my costumed Sabina on my monopurple team for raids. Problem is, her HoT overwrites with costume Rigard’s.

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I find non costume Sabina and costume Rigard is a good combo with no overwrites

Nah. I benched my costumed Sabina and reinstated Ametrine. My mono is too passive with 2 healers.

Yes, it’s easy to miss the notifications for these talents activating, I usually do!
However, during a recent raid with Ursena I did notice the @ symbol on an enemy and dumped tiles on them for 50% mana which let me clean up the board on the way to a win :smiley:

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