Less Loot Tickets; Useless Atlantis Risings

Is it just me or is Atlantis rises pointless without loot tickets (I started with 9)? Since SG decided to nerf the number of loot tickets given out, I’ve noticed Atlantis Rises has not been nearly as fruitful. I’ve used WE flasks to replenish my flags a few times (my base flags consist of 48) and in that time, I’ve only seen two rare seahorse creatures. Just two. Both of which yielded only two Atlantis coins each.

My point is, with so little to offer the players, is Atlantis rises even worth investing in anymore? Do they expect us to buy the loot tickets in order to get something out of (what was once) the best free feature this game had to offer? This complaint may sound ridiculous to some, but I’m just confused by the approach SG is taking here.


Just autofarm, no need to use loot tickets in early provinces.
And AR is still best way to get backpacks (counting per WE).


Ditto. All depends what you use Atlantis Rising for. I personally never used tickets, unless needed to quickly bump exp for level up etc but generally just autofarm on 1-2.

If you are farming higher levels for whatever reason and tickets are mandatory for you, well, if that doesn’t work anymore I suggest revising your plan.

Frankly I did not notice drop in loot tickets at all. I know it’s supposed to be less from wars etc but it was already fairly poor. Not like they limited single drop from 20 to 3. Majority of loot tickets still come from VIP and the loot ticket offers. I don’t think the decrease impact the economy of the game that much. It’s obviously not fun they decreased it, but I don’t think it was enough to deserve "Atlantis Rising makes no sense anymore!!!111’ rant topics yet.


Did atlantis coin drops from special creatures stop?

No. I’ve had 5 coins so far from 2 different battles.

I suggested last AR that the number of sea dragons had been reduced since Valhalla was introduced, but that’s apparently just subjective/isolated bad luck.


How were you able to exclusively farm AR only using Tickets???

I only managed to accumulate enough tickets (previously and now) to run through 3-4 of my 25+ flasks! Rest have to be manually farmed :frowning:

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I managed to save ~78 loot tickets. I always use them on AR (apart from a few tickets I always keep in case I’m close to level up). The coins drops are so random I am actually a little mad? I ran 26-6 (my max right now is 42 flags to I used 7 tickets) and got 16 coins. Ran it again and got NONE. :roll_eyes:

I only use loot tickets on atlantis or when im close to leveling for an extra hit on a titan, i have 280 tickets, i farm 15-8 for extra backpacks so 7 tickets per flask or the 47 flags i have. Atlantis coins range from 3 to 23 and i have noticed a little less loot then last time

There have been times that I have not spent any loot tickets before Atlantis Rising before and had anywhere from 50 to 90+… This time around to have less than ten, that’s really annoying. I would use up my loot tickets and flasks and stop farming Atlantis. I don’t enjoy farming at all, so that may be the reason I’m super mift, but I guess I’m in the minority on this one. Farming to me (even on auto) is boring.


Less loot tickets?
No problem.

I still manage to catch a lot (I mean A LOT) of backpacks in 1-10 for only 3WE flasks although I have got zero loot tickets.

Lovin’ it!

yup… mine is 14 tickets. but i got 42 coins from farming 1-3 normal and 1-9 hard in 148 energy

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I just don’t understand why we even have to autofarm at all. It is insanely boring and takes too much time. I would be a lot happier if you could farm any stage that you had already completed. Put some point limits in if you need to in case someone has used items to complete stages way beyond what a normal autofarm team would be able to complete. Or instead of a point limit, put stars on the stages like some games do. One for completion, one for not using any items and one for no deaths. With 3 stars you would be allowed to raid as much as you wanted to.


What are loot tickets again? Is this pile of junk in the corner useful? I just autofarm


What a weird way to flex, but by all means, go off.


Hmm ok, here is another way to put it, stop being lazy. Farm for yourself, stop depending on SG to make everything easier for you


The post isnt about SG making it easy, it’s about SG deliberately making it less easy.

Why give something good, and then slowly take it away? Sadistic.


I’m glad you said something, because I don’t know how nice I would have been.

It’s not about being lazy for me. It’s the interest factor. Why should I have to replay stages that I know I’m going to win, just for free mats that should be more common anyway? Atlantis rises was one of the best features this game had to offer, but now, it’s just another grind, needlessly I might add. There was no real reason to shorten it. No real reason to stop giving out as many loot tickets. No real reason to stop paying out Atlantis coins.

I understand that Valhalla is new, but is it really smart to crap on s2 just to promote an infant level s3? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s just me.

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I’m not understanding the OP. You’re talking about reduced loot tickets in chests, and then something about seadragons? How are those things related?

Also, frankly, I can’t even notice the difference in number of loot tickets. I don’t buy them, and rarely use them anyway.


We use loot tickets to bypass the farming aspect (which I find tedious and boring).

When using loot tickets, you’d get Atlantis coins more quickly because there were sea dragons amongst the hordes you didn’t have to face. Now we have to manually farm because of the lack of loot tickets and finding these creatures seems harder and harder, but when you do they seem to deliver the bottom of the barrel in Atlantis coins.

When it comes to loot tickets, your time wasn’t wasted farming for hardly anything. You could press the button and move on. Now it’s another grind, chasing after a maybe/could be which almost always leaves something to be desired.

Loot tickets, imo, just made AR more useful.

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I undestand loot tickets can save you clicks; but how do they affect seadragons?

I can just auto play and click again whenever i feel like it so i don’t feel like loot tickets are such a huge help.