Less finger clicks and more ergonomical!

I like the game but it requires so many finger clicks it gets tiresome on the hands and wrists and arms. Can’t the food and iron and hero feeders go directly into storage without continued finger clicks? there might be some advantage to not doing this but there could be options to determine how you want your preferences setup. I sure people have stopped playing this game because of the ergonomical problems. please consider removing as many fingertips as possible. Thanks

Try double tapping, some of the transactions can be done all in one with a double tap.

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Another suggestion in this category relates to purchases. When multiple purchases of the same item or package are available there should be a slider or a quantity selection box that would allow you to choose one purchase or any number of purchases up to the maximum allowed to reduce the tedium.

I just bought the Atlantis deal sure it be easier for me to put the x4 in one bulk! I do have to put one code into my phone that’s sent by text then I can buy quite easily after.
But you will here horror story’s about children playing with a device that have bought things and either it’s a nightmare to get back or there is no refund.

For me I have to either use my finger print or enter my password for each purchase. I did that for safety reasons as I also have nieces and nephews who play with my phone.
I mean there can be ways around it like a toggle in settings that u can switch on or off to activate or deactivate the preference.
But it would make life a whole lot easier if that feature was present.

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