Less and less overnight raiding

Are you all experiencing the same? I use to wake up in the morning and see that I have been raided nearly 20-40 times. Now maybe 5 or 6.

Do you have a Telluria tank? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It varies, some nights its 2 or 3 others it’s still 10 to 15. I found it reduced when tourney came out as players needed less raids to complete chests then increased again with the launch of POV. As most players at my level will of now complete POV there may be less of an urgency to raid again. Overall not a major difference over past 6 months

Ps. I don’t run a green tank

Yes at +19 too. I’m going to try and use a Non-Telluria tank and see if that changes things.


May be related to more and more finishing requirements for POV. I noticed a big upswing when POV started, even occasionally knocking me out of diamond. And no Telly so I’m an easy target :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, probably that is the reason. Players who are tired of Telly tanks might just be rerolling you. :slight_smile:

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I’d start with pulling out Vela if you are using her.

I believe you’ll see a lot more action by adjusting your defense

I’m having great dificulty to kill a team with Telluria in it, specially if its tank…its like…in 10 battles I win 2 or 3 at maximum.
So I find myself avoiding it, rerolling.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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I’ve been losing more raids recently. BK tank. I blame Malosi.

I usually find that if I do a bunch of raids, and win most of them, I get raided a dozen times later.

But lately, I’ve been losing 9/10 of my raids (because my opponents all have you-know-who and you-know-who-else who and all the other you-know-whos).

“Meh, it’s okay, I’ll get those cups back when other people raid me.”

12 hours later


“Seriously? Nobody raided me? Nobody at all???”

I’m not suggesting it’s the case for everyone, but I’ve certainly been raiding a bit less as it’s become a bit stale for me… war, Tell… Raids… Tell… Tourney… you guessed it, more Tell. Used to raid anytime I opened the app, now I raid when I have a chest to fill or want to try out a new build idea and that’s about it.

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It’s always been like this. It always seemed at night people set tougher defences, deathly afraid of losing cups. But there was no need to fear, because if I set a crummy defence, it would still hardly get attacked.

Maybe people complete pov on Raids in diamond then that’s it, until raid chest comes as people complete that then leave it till next raid chest

I have had the exact opposite experience, namely, a marked increase in the number of times I am raided overnight.

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