Less and less ascending material

Thank for the " great" changes you’ve made to This game. We all wait for a Red, yellow …chest and when it’s come is warthlless. I has a few minute ago a Green chest and What do You know…nott even one ascendent material and none gold Coin. I cant get better materials on the map.
Just continue the “great” job you’re doing and you’ll gonna play This game all Alone. Dissapointing…

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Been playing for almost a year now. Havent received 1 of the four “Warm Cape” i need to ascend a single hero.

I am okay with spending money to speed up a game if I can earn the upgrades at a reasonable rate. What I will not do is spend money or support any game that’s buisness model is set around the concept that to progress you must spend money.

Just about done with this game

Ascension materials drop randomly from all sorts of places - titans and titan chests, raid chests, monster chests, mystic vision, rare quests, war chests and elemental chests. If you’ve gone a year and not managed to collect even one warm cape, then you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities that are available.

I’ve spent £5.98 in total (never on ascension material) and I’ve used at least 30 warm capes to ascend heroes. I don’t find them hard to collect.

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To echo Brobb’s comment, capes are included in the Frostmarch rare quest, that rolls around about six times per year. Getting the cape only requires a good 3* team.

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Is true that mats drop from many places but it is also true that elemental chest loot has got worse. I have had not had a gold token from one at all this year. You need to be taking down higher titans and finishing in slots 3-6 for the best results i find

You’re right but elemental chests should be an exception! The same goes for rare Titans… If something is rare, it should contain things which we can’t get easily. And, those things should correspond with the colour of the chest.

So, if a green chest appears, I expect a sturdy shield or a tonic to be there. In this case we can talk about rare things!

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Guess what I got from a recent blue chest…an Orb and dart…FROM…A…BLUE…CHEST

Not a scope (which is what i need) or a warm cape…not even a dblade…smh

Every since the new release its been underwhelming playing these various stages and raids

You might have had a bad run with elemental chests. That happens sometimes and you have my sympathy. I’m collecting gold tokens from them regularly - here’s this week’s:


Aside from your own small sample of bad experience, do you have any evidence that Elemental chests have been nerfed?

If a took photos of the bad things I’ve encountered in this game, it would take months to look at them all

Of course. Ascension materials are rare and hard to find, and most chests should contain none. That’s what we expect.

Good times when people didn’t complain about receive Darts. Those filthy 4* ascension items, how could they ruin our game?

But it does always make me scratch my head—why do we have a double layer of RNG on elemental chests? If we get a blue chest, then limit the loot to mats used by ice heroes. Seems simple.

Anyway, if the Topic is really about elemental chests, there’s already a thread for that:


Yeah how dare they…

Especially when I have 12 darts and 9 orbs already with no tomes or dblades…so yeah…how dare they

Fire Chest Today IMO NOT good at all,I understand the random luck, and appreciate everyones encouragement that I’ll get a good streak of drops at some point. I have had a terrible streak for over 2 months and it does start to make me a little down. Mystic vision has not dropped a rare mat in over 2 months. Thankfully the rare quest mats are not random😀I am ready SG Gods for a great run of luck!

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You are luck, at least you got compassss.
Last night I got 2 scabbards, 3 sliver coins, and 30 gems with red chest lol.
I think we should get adapted to that …

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Sorry for your bad luck and thanks. Hopefully all of us will find fortune in the near future😳

You, my friend, are one of the very lucky ones indeed! Good for you!

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