Lepus or Cobalt? Francine or Evelyn?

Who to ascend based on my current roster? Any help would be great!

I’d go Cobalt + Francine.

They are just insanely good heroes. You will want to strip your JF for Cobalt, moving Cobalt to your defense.

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I would also say Cobalt+Francine :v:

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Cobalt and Francine.

Margaret would always be one of the last heroes to level up.

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I’m so sorry to all it wad Evelyn not Margeret!

If Evelyn so i think shes more versatile than Francine. You can use her against blue titans and in raids/wars. Her elemental nature def down will make her an excelent pair to those hit to 3 or hit to all greens.
For example, your francine, even an Elkanen would be much better paired with Evelyn.

So, i ponderer elemental def down higher than Francine, even though Francine is a new hero, cleanses and has better stats

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Evelyn over Francine. Evelyn is one of my favorite heroes. Eve and Frigg will destroy teams by themselves and Eve will enhance your titan scores. I’d also consider stripping Neith’s emblems for Eve.

I’ve never tried Lepus but Cobalt is quite good.

Evelyn > Francine, the elemental defense down against titan and in war / raids is vip
Francine is a very good hero i will definetely raise her right after

Cobalt or Lepus ? Both are good, if u have another rabbit hero i would say Lepus he works well with jean francois.

Cobalt for sure.

Francine vs Evelyn is a bit more difficult. I do agree that Francine is a very powerful hero, but so is Evelyn in terms of utility. I’d say Evelyn first, then Francine.

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If you have some green debuffers and Almur id go Francine as green cleaners are rare. Depends on available emblems to as i maxed Francine and she will need emblems to do her thng. For Blue i’d personally go Lepus as he just F’s my day up everytime

Cobalt is ridiculously over powered, so probably goes first. Lepus is a very good hero too, but Ninja first I think

Evelyn first, she is the backbone of my green teams, with Frigg and Kingston already trained up she provides the better synergy. Francine next, then Lianna. My god, those five would kill it in a team together

If you had Almur I would recommend Francine. Almur does most of what Evelyn does. But Evelyn is more versatile than Francine. The good thing is once you get both maxed you have a great combo for wars & Titans. Cobalt is probably better than Lepus. Those are just my opinions…choose the ones you enjoy using :wink:.

I had the same dilemma. I decided on Cobalt because he is insane in Titan Raids as he just needs to charge once to hit 1 and this he does super duper fast, his attack is higher and he lasts longer.

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