Lepiota vs Vanda

Speaking with other player’s in the forum it is not clear if Vanda under Lepiota’s ability is normal that she gets health or not … Some say yes, some don’t …please some clarification :thinking:… Sorry for the disturb :hugs:

I can’t understand how to catalog Vanda’s ability … For example Lepiota vs Morgan La Fay everything works but it is also true that it is the only special ability she has … before contacting and maybe disturbing the support maybe someone can share some opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

It should not heal because it already stated the ghost is immuned to healing. That might be a bug

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There is already another thread on this issue. It has been raised. Pending official answer.

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If you can contact support

I’ll let the devs know bout yah thread.

Have you updated your game? Please do so, if you haven’t yet.

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