Lepiota status ailment abyss form not working on Alasie

Apr 29 '21 ToL Stage 4, Boss lvl.

Was trying out my 1 ^1 Lepiota as I usually try out Heroes I haven’t used during ToL, and found that her special only dealt direct damage to Alasie. Alasie didn’t go into Abyss Ghost form or receive the DOT. I tried it three times and on the third time, recorded it. So I do have a video clip. Lepiota’s special did work on the Monsters in the previous levels of the stage.

Will try some different things to see if it doesn’t work elsewhere, and will update if duplicated.

Not much chance of duplicating unless someone reads this, has an untouched Lepiota, and hasn’t done Stage 4 in ToL yet, lol.

Not sure where to upload video.


Was Alasie the last enemy alive on the board ?

If yes, then it is working as expected because Lepiota’s hero cards says that it can not turn the last opponent to Abbys Ghost form.


Yes, ty. I’m a real potato head sometimes!

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Lepiota special skill is not working against many other. I use it on atlantis and several Times the special skill were not working. Where can i report that? Also in raid sometimes îs not working. The other player heroes will not enter ghist form.

This is a good place to report. Add in screenshots and videos when it happens so we can see the exact issue.

I hit the middle one and nothing. I do not have a video. It’s says miss if i see it corectly. Screen was made right after that.

It is a Dense Fog stage in Season 2 where special skills sometime miss.


Maybe this was because of the level… Ok i will tru and get another one… Another one…

Hit the one în the left. No ghost only around 90 damage.

This is also a special stage: Magic night. All status effects lasts only 1 turn.
This 90 damage is around 1 round of DoT damage.


No ghost shift at all? Ok, i was in raid and no efect i will try to look for more.

Is this a bug?

Queen of Hearts went into Ghost mode, and as the Taunt is given by her minion which is still there I think it is ok to have Taunt active in this scenario.

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Perhaps not exactly what is intended but seems to match what I’d expect based solely on reading cards.

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