Lepiota, Skadi and Balbar NERFED!

Could be because you were wrong about those just like you are about this one.

Miki’s resistance is to his special skill being cast as a whole regardless of what his special does. So anything that blocks mana generation, including Lepiota’s special is resisted.

Alexandrine’s resistance is to the amount of healing she can receive while she’s able to be healed…so she’s immune to effects from heroes like Rana, Yunan, and Roc which reduce the amount of healing she ca receive. In order for her to resist a healing reduction you have to be able to actually cast a heal on her. If you can’t a healing reduction effect on her she can’t resist it and if she can’t resist it she can’t be healed either.

Completely two different mechanics with two differently intended functions.

You must be a genius to be able to judge something without seeing it first. You are welcome to review any of these topics and tell me where I was wrong:

I was just going by your inability to discern between immunity to special skills blocks vs immunity to healing reduction and suggesting it is the same thing when it is not. As was already suggested, instead of doing this, you can add it to the bug section and have others chime in as well as maybe the devs. Good luck.

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Lepiota status effect should trigger Alexandrine’s passive of receiving 10% heal when she receives a status ailment. Lepiota’s ghosting is preventing her passive from activating, just like ghosting would be prevent Miki’s passive to block effects that stops her to cast her special skill.

@Petri or any staff member: Please can you provide a clarification of Alexandrines passive :“ immunity from status ailments which prevent healing“
Any hero in Abyss Ghost form can not be healed, so (passive) healing from any healer is affected and Alexandrine should be prevented from going in ghost form by her passive ability.
She is protected from this from her cleric manashield in 35% of all incidents but should have 100% protection from passive…
Is thus a bug or an unfortunate wording of the passive abilities. If its a bug please confirm and change otherwise please reword the passive in a near future release.

Thanks in advance

Not a bug, working as intended. Her passive doesn’t affect her from being turned into a ghost. Once turned into a ghost , she is not alexandrine anymore, she is a ghost. Ignore her hero card.

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Her passive doesn’t prevent healing, it prevents ailments that affect healing. If she can’t be healed at all, then there is no healing ailments. In order for a healing ailment to take place, she must be targetable and fired upon. In abyss ghost form she can’t be.

Also, Lepiota’s abyss form is not an ailment, it’s a form. Completely different from Rana’s or Yunan’s healing ailments that affect healing (reduce healing).

Except, wasn’t this the argument for clerics to resist Lepiota? Her special states:

  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target can’t gain mana and can’t be healed by Special Skills; but is immune to normal attacks, special skills, status effects and stacks.

But… I’ll point out that the wording that I see on the card is different from what is stated on the Lepiota page: 🕵 Lepiota – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target cannot gain mana, can’t do normal attacks and can’t cast specials skills; but is immune to normal attacks, special skills, status effects and stacks

I don’t have a Lepiota card to confirm which version is the actual wording.

My interpretation is if it were the 1st wording, then I think a case can be made that going into Abyss form would run across Alexandrine’s innate resistance against ailments that affect healing, just like clerics having a chance to resist against ailments that affect mana generation.

If it is the 2nd wording, then Alexandrine’s innate resistance doesn’t apply, because healing isn’t blocked.

The argument for clerics was that since they have a 35% chance to resist abilities that prevent negative mana effects such as those that prevent mana gain and Lepiota’s abyss form is what prevents it, they would resist the abyss form entirely. (First one is correct).

Alexandrine resists ailments, as in debuffs, that affect healing. The icon on Alexandrine’s card for that very passive is the same icon you get when Rana or Yunan hit you with their specials. It’s a reduction in healing received.

Difference between a cleric and Alexandrine’s passive is in the wording and in the icon that describes the ailment she can resist. Resisting healing ailments (those that reduce healing numbers received) and resisting abilities that prevent being healed at all are two different mechanics as a whole IMO. One you can still receive healing but at a reduced amount or full if resisted and the other is a form that prevents you from being healed/hit with damage entirely.

Not sure why you seem to be hung up on the different icons. But what about Miki? His passive resists blocking specials ailment. Should he resist Lepiota?

The icon shows the ailment type that they resist. Along with the description of the passive. We already have heroes that cast those exact ailments and they have nothing to do with Lepiota’s ability nor abyss form. They reduce the amount of healing the target receives. Not prevent abyss ghost form which in turn prevents any healing at all.

Would going into Abyss Ghost form prevent Miki from using his special?

You know the answer to that.

You are inconsistent here with your previous reasoning regarding Miki.
Miki resists the following:

  1. Miki. Makes sense, same icon.
  2. Alfrike. Makes sense based on in-game tooltip, but not the same icon.
  3. Lepiota. Debatable whether it makes sense based on tool-tip, but again not the same icon.

Now you argue that Alexandrine ONLY protects against the specific type of ailment represented by the icon when we clearly see that this interpretation is not consistent with other in-game situations.
I reiterate that the wording of the tool-tip for Miki and Alexandrine is exactly the same, based on your logic Alexandrine should be immune to ALL types of ailments that affect healing, which ghost form clearly does.

Most definitely am not. Miki’s special resists abilities that would prevent him from using his special. Lepiota’s special would do just that, hence why he resists it.

His passive icon represents the innate ability to fully resist abilities that prevent him from using his skill if he were fully charged up. Heroes like Miki, Alfrike, and Lepiota would do just that if he did not resist it. Miki by silencing, Alfrike by mindless attack, and Lepiota by shifting him into ghost form.

They are not the same based my logic. Miki resists ailments that would BLOCK his special skills meaning blocks abilities that would completely shut him out from using his special skills. Alexandrine’s passive doest NOT state she blocks abilities that would prevent her from getting healed at all, but only those that would affect it (ie. those that would reduce the amount of healing she would receive - see Rana and Yunan specials).

There is a world of difference in wording that describes blocking and affecting. A bike in the way of your car’s path would affect your driving were you to hit it (damage caused and slow down having to drive through it). An ocean/sea separating you from the island you want to drive to literally blocks you from driving to it.

Again, feel free to post it in the bugs section of the forum.

Enjoy the game. Stop complaining.

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