Lepiota, Skadi and Balbar NERFED!

I think this post hits the nail right on its head. THIS is what gets REALLY old. Maybe slow the hell down on the hero releases and give us fully tested, balanced heroes. Not too much to ask.


What’s funny is that do they really even need that much testing? It seems players can properly identify the relative strength/pros/cons of heroes when they enter beta. The first round of beta could just be a forum post and they’d get the majority of the feedback they need.

But then again, why does it take that much testing/feedback? Yes there are some surprises out there, but don’t they know exactly what they’re giving us before they give it to us?

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Got to agree with you on that one.
It’s becoming too regular and if they make a mistake then they should live with it. Not like leaving lepiota as she was would have broken the game.

Wow, I’ve read all your comments. It seems like you always resort to insults and jokes when someone use sound logic to counter your statements.

You’re the one who comes off, not very smart. It’s not a weakness to admit that someone has a good point.

I would like to understand why they are always asking heroes to be nerfed.
Shouldn’t it be the other way around?
Asking unhelpful and weak heroes to be buffed.
I only have one event hero and mother christmas and father christmas, everything else is heroes of the first and heroes of the month.
And I don’t complain about the heroes, but it’s not fair for some players to spend thousands of dollars and then the heroes who managed to win with so much expense are nerfed.
As good as a hero is, it should never be nerfed, the beta is good for something.
Stop being sad and stop crying.
This is a game.
Does life not give you enough joys and sorrows?
StopNerf/ YesBuffs

I haven’t read any sound logic - against lepiota being resisted by cleric… but only complaints of why, why now, why at all… so now I will leave Lepiota aside… etc etc etc !

Since you claim to have read all my comments, then you have read the rationale, logic repeatedly explained but still… :rofl:

Since I am not an English professor but a regular chap who prefers to write - have fun = You get all of the above.

Ever wondered “why” you get triggered by the type of words instead of the info quality… :wink:

Happy playing !

So let me reopen this discussion. If I understand correctly than the argument for clerics and Miki/Elradir/Hanitra resisting Lepiota is that the ghosting ailment affects mana generation and blocks special skill so therefore all of these heroes should be able to resist the whole package.
So then why can I ghost Alexandrine? By the same logic the ghosting ailment also affects healing, therefore Alexandrine should be immune to the whole package as well, right? Apparently not:

So this is a selective correction by SG, not rectifying a previous mistake. Unless of course they now nerf Lepiota even further…

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You might have a point if this was actually preventing her from healing. It’s not.

Prevent her from healing is something that occurs after her special goes off, not before. Your own flawed “logic” here would dictate that Alexandrine would have to go off every turn, regardless of the tiles that were sent into her, because she is “being prevented from healing” on that turn because her special was not going off.

Which with all due respect is straight nonsense.

This is not about Alexandrine healing herself. Lepiota specifically says: “can’t be healed by Special Skills” and indeed while in ghost form the hero will not receive health from e.g. Xnolphod. It doesn’t matter at which point Alexandrine would heal, this is literally an ailment that affects healing, something that Alexandrine should be immune to.

Except in that case you’re comparing apples and oranges.

The effects of class benefits are not treated in game the same as secondary skills.

Further, the secondary skill shows they exact type of affect it’s blocking with the lightning bolt symbol. That’s not the type of heal blocking that’s occurring with Lepiota’s Abyss special. For reference:

Not relevant. Miki is immune to Lepiota due to passive ability (in your words a secondary skill). Alexandrine has a passive ability that should make her immune. Class benefit in this case plays no role.

But Lepiota does not apply the symbol that Miki/Elradir/Hanitra are showing on their cards (word cloud with dotdotdot). That symbol never appears, not on Lepiota’s card, not on the hero that she targets. Miki/Elradir/Hanitra are immune not because of the symbol but because of the effect being the same. This then should apply to Alexandrine as well.

What? Of course it does. Different game mechanics are…different. You not liking that fact does not change anything.

Nor does you trying to change the subject to a separate and completely different game mechanic.


Read what the description of what that effect is:


It is getting boring to repeat myself.

The passive ability of Alexandrine has a tooltip if you press it. It says: “This character has innate resistance against status ailments that affect healing.”
The passive ability of Miki has a tooltip if you press it. It says: “This character has innate resistance against status ailments that block Special Skills.”
The only difference between the two is the last part.
Whatever icons they have does not matter because Lepiota does not use or refer to those icons anywhere, neither in the description of the skill, nor in the actual application. Icons do not have an official description anyway, the thread you linked to is a compilation by players who are not SG employees. The only official info we have are the tooltips.

Therefore the two should be treated the same way but they are not. It is puzzling to me why you can’t see this.

Of course it is. Because you do not like the fact that you’re wrong.

I get it. It could be written better, but the mechanic in question is actually quite clear as evidenced by what I posted above.

You don’t have to like it, but it doesn’t make you any less wrong. Even still, go ahead and send something in as an actual bug and tag @Petri.

Let the devs tell you what the correct answer is. Maybe you’re correct and they’ll fix it(or something with respect to it), you have nothing to lose. If you continue here, you just want to argue.

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Lepiota’s ability does not affect healing or block special skills. It changes the target into a ghost. Once they turn into a ghost, then it affects everything else.

So In your opinion why is Miki immune to it? I’m really curious.

@bbrd67 : you haven’t actually disproved anything I’ve said. Your ‘evidence’ does not come from SG. I have documented and reported a number of bugs already, devs don’t do anything about them. I’ve stopped forcing the issue.

I don’t think miki is immune to being ghosted. The only instances I can think is dodging(?), if she had dodge, and the classes that have a chance of resisting (cleric/monk).

So if you read how this thread originally got started, you will see that Miki (along with heroes like Elradir and Hanitra) is actually immune to being ghosted because SG said so during an update. The argument is that those characters have an immunity against ‘ailments that block Special Skills’. Lepiota’s ghost form, as one of its effect, blocks Special Skills, so those characters are immune to the whole package.
Interestingly this also applies to heroes like Neith, who is immune to ‘ailments that stop mana generation’.


Lepiota is not blocking healing or special skills. What she is doing, and what the logic is doing is deciding “are you going to be turned into a abyss ghost”. If you don’t dodge or resist this (cleric/monk). Your hero is now a ghost for x turns. They are not alexandrine/miki anymore. So you can ignore the hero card until they turn back into your hero again.

Unless the passive says “immune to being a ghost”. Then it would block Lepiota’s ability.

Not at all surprised the main reason the game is losing players is there is no trust in the developers

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