Lepiota, Skadi and Balbar NERFED!

That’s why I spoke about the difference between :

  • “buff / debuff”,
  • “Abyss / ghost form as a buff & debuff”
  • When abyss / ghost form benefits self status v/s when it impacts status of opposite targeted heroes

Despite wording being same, who is the TARGET. (self / allies OR opposite / enemy) = The definitions change
hence, accordingly, various aspects like talent class / family bonus / passive skills, etc come into play…

  • Still, there can be a possible Bug that may show up… :slight_smile:

Ok, this is where any further discussion with you should end as it’s absolutely pointless. You’re unable to clarify your Point of view, only responding with riddles, that proofs that effectively you’re unable to defend your arguments or provide evidence that mine are wrong.


What really stinks about this, and it has been happening a lot lately, is none of this is in a timely manner. They let people max, and emblem, and limit break and then go and make these changes. Same with the nearby and other “clarifications “. Instead of popping out heroes every 20 minutes, maybe test them right the first time so people don’t waste their time and money building them up just so they can “nerf”.


Why do they mess with nerfing the little fish. Why don’t they go after the biggies like alfrike, prof ludenbock, Elizabeth, freya, and heimdall? Just when i get a hero leveled up to neutralize some of these they go and nerf my little fish!!!

I don’t care… think whatever…

Me neither, nevertheless thank you for being devil’s advocate in this thread. This forced me to better clarify and explain my point of view, that now has solid evidence presented above.


@Guvnor not sure if you’re still a moderator of this forum. I’m curious why this thread is not showing in latest within General Discussion?

This alone, should cause enemies cleric and monk class shields to activate based on the %chance of the emblem levels…because, logically they can’t be in the ghost form and mana shield…so it’s logical to block the entire abyss effect!( Which is special skill in itself)

Imo, so far since the introduction of emblem classes, the class effects had been dominant over the special skills.

Ok, so considering that classes are dominant above specials why Gazelle or any other dispeller/cleanser in the game dispels Palladin defence buff or clenses Barbarian class bleeding?


Exactly, and it important to include “Or effects that prevent the use of a special skill”

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Dansing is correct.
Cleric class talent can resist anything to do with negative Mana effects, regardless of what a special states.

If in doubt refer to Lady Woolerton, her special clearly states she cannot gain Mana for 2 turns, but because she is Cleric she can resist her own special, purely because it tries to negatively affect mana.
This is the way it is with Clerics and always has been.


It is unimportant if ghost form is a buff or an ailment. Its unimportant if mana reduction comes from a buff, a stack or an entire special. Important is only the Definition of the mana shield of clerics: The mana shield resists every action that tries to reduce mana or slow mana generation. Lepiotas special does that, so the mana shield should activate. If they ever create a cleric with ghosting abilities, the mana shield should apply. Look at Lady Woolerton, after she casts her special, she wont get mana for two turns. The mana shield can protect her from this selfailment.
Its consisten with the game mechanisms that Clerics can withstand Lepiotas special. Take into account, that a fully emblemed Cleric has only a chance of 1 out of 3 to activate the mana shield. So Lepiota is far from useless…

Happy gaming

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PLUS, Lepiota has many heroes to whack without being stopped, so what is the issue when few heroes can stop her… :wink:

A nerf is a nerf. Doesn’t really matter if they change the rules for that nerf (change hit all to hit 3), “fix” the rules (change Gullinbursti’s ability to not trigger when refreshing buff), add new rules or simply rewrite the card. Many people have invested valuable resources (which cost them quite a lot of money usually) in multiple heroes and are hit badly by any nerf. BTW cases like this one, like the hit-3 issue, like nerfing the manalink of Frosth-Devana HOTM cycle have caused me again and again to warn people to stay on the safe side and play with 4* mostly, never chasing any 5* but playing with the 5* they get for free.


Nice! Balbar is now even worse! Clap clap clap

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Lol every time I think a HotM is cool they “fix” it, just don’t want to even level them anymore

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The fact is, people made decisions to level a hero with the extremely limited materials that the game provides based on the effectiveness of the hero at the time.

Lepiota was one of the best rush war counters, because she countered most of the problems you face. Now she does not.

Whether this is the way it was supposed to be or not, doesn’t really matter.

It is a nerf, plain and simple.

Ultimately, actions like this might help us all not want the shiny new heroes that seem like the “answer” to whatever problem we face in the game. We will be armed with the knowledge that they will face subtle changes to cut their utility in a few months.


yes it is a nerf, but more CORRECTION. They should have fix this before.

Disclamer: done have any :stuck_out_tongue:

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life in the game is not so complicated, even though many try to complicate it for themselves… players like me don’t pay much attention to all that.

Would you or anyone not level up Lepiota + give all emblems & even LB her… if the cleric talent aspect was already working from the day lepiota was introduced in the game?

I am sure you know the answer to THAT … have FuN with imaginary nerf problems / errors !

Is lepiota to so useless that she needs illegitimate benefit of just 30% chance Cleric talent working to stop her ?! :wink:

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Ay carumba. I stopped playing about six weeks ago, but I check in here every now and again. By doing so I’ve learned that they nerfed the last two heroes I was able to get as F2P - Yang Mai and Lepiota. Makes my decision all the easier to maintain.