Lepiota, Skadi and Balbar NERFED!

Let’s take Mist for example. She casts 3 ailments:

  • The target and nearby enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -34% defense against Special Skills for 3 turns.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -64% mana generation for 3 turns.

Monks can resist 0, 1, 2 or 3 of these ailments, each separately. Clerics can potentially resist the last but not the first two.
So why should Clerics resist the complete package of Lepiota’s ability just because they can resist the mana stopping?


Of course, no response to my counter-arguments, so need to make it personal.
The reasoning is very obvious as well, this card was too good and had to be nerfed somehow, but let’s keep this aside and focus only on the skill / class itself.
Can you please clarify, how Cleric class can block abyss form and DoT?


The abyss form includes in its definition a no mana gain part therefore they would resist the entire ailment as those effects are not seperate but tied to the abyss ghos ailmentt. Regular ghost is a buff, abyss ghost is a debuff/ailment. It’s similar to corrosive poison vs. Ranvir & Clarissa. As they resist poison they resist the entire ailment as 1 aspect of the ailment states poison and its not 2 separate ailments. They did bad wording to begin with but when you look at a hero affeted by the ailment i believe it becomes a bit more clear in the intent of the ailment.


Yeah that is the part I have a hard time understanding cause the ghost part of all the buffs/debuffs functions the same except stonecleave who still gets damaged by holy.

Would a self ghosting hero if a monk or cleric resist their own ghost? Based on this change they should.

Cleric talent activates as a manashield & when the hero faces any type of action that impacts / stops the use of that hero’s specials.

My understanding viz Skadi:

  • Skadi impacts mana = Cleric talent can activate against that…

  • Skadi gives direct damage (220%) + increased damages per dead enemy & frost damage DoT = don’t impact target hero’s specials = Cleric talent shouldn’t activate against that

I made an effort / logically clarified things… stated it all clearly… via multiple replies above to multiple players… you can re-read… if you want to REALLY understand…

other then that, I am simply skipping the drama… :rofl:
tryout elsewhere… bcoz, it is NOT my responsibility to convince you… :wink:

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I dont thing they would make configuration but in theory if the ghost form was considered a negative ailment and not a buff then yes. But i think the key different is Lepiota ailment is abyss ghost form and not just ghost form. The new feature hero special is ghost so i think that is the key different ghost or abyss ghost. There is a page on the forum that shows all ailments/stacks/buffs available maybe a quick visit to that will clear it up.

The ghost portion description is the same thing though, which is why I think about Wilbur and how his skill is split. The defense down can be resisted why damage share is not. Kind of like how parts of skadi stack can be resisted but not all of it VS cleric.

This is now 2 consecutive patches that Lepiota has had pseudo nerfs which have affected her functionality…. I look forward to the next update when they will continue to nerf Lepiota to oblivion by reducing her Abyss turns from 4 to 1. And why not also change her to slow.


By that logic, Monk should also resist Skadi’s mana reduction.

Heroes like Gazelle should prevent stacks too.

I always saw stacks as a separate thing and to me this just makes it more inconsistent, hence confusing.


Alright, in that case I’d be more than thankful to take advantage of your great wisdom and explain why Guardian Gazelle doesn’t remove Abyss form from Stoneclave. Please do, I’m really open for arguments from your end that will change my mind on this subject.


Lmao :rofl: … you keep proving my above said point about DRAMA…

While I use Gazelle daily… I will let you figure it out :slight_smile:

Monk should also have possibility to activate… when faced with mana reduction = negative status effect !

I simple enjoy playing so don’t monitor every situation “microscopically” during play… but will henceforth specifically check the monk aspect you have mentioned & share it here…

The game has many heroes = creating many - many combinations which do create situations, which need to be flagged to SG with picture / video proof & they do look at it / rectify…
which is why…
we see many changes…

So that’s the way to go… if you have some issue !

Just to be clear my only issue is how ghost is defined, something with the same wording being considered a buff and a debuff does not make sense to me… @dansing what you say makes since if ghost is considered a debuff. So that line if thinking stonecleave, amneona, and the new guy debuff themselves along with other buffs of their ghost.
Lepiota debuffs ghost along with a dot.


Ghosting by self to self = Buff while Ghosting of a target = debuff for the target whose talent comes into play, if applicable !

Once the Buff (benefit to self ) & debuff (threat to self) aspect becomes clear, the talent / various aspects at play activate accordingly via : Talent class, hero specials, family bonus, passive, etc !

Ok, so figuring it out as best as I can and hosting you will do your best to understand:

  1. Gazelle is removing all status effects from allies (cleasable and uncleansable), but keeps abyss form on Stoneclave. Conclusion Abyss form is not a status effect as per the game terminology.
  2. Cleric manashield resists status effects or effects rhat prevent mana generation.
  3. Abyss form not being a status effect is not affected by Cleric class.
    Do you get it now? Now either proof I’m wrong or admit that this is a NERF not RECTIFICATION as you called it above.

I remember another class already being able to resist Lepiota.

Maybe it was Monk. I think it was monk or rogue.

Anyone know for sure?

Yeah my personal issue is I’ve always considered ghost form a buff based on my use of ameonna significantly when I started as a way to beat content out of my reach by ghosting her in trials and challenge events so I couldn’t be killed by the bosses (I didnt pull counter heroes til very late, like after 30+ other 4*s done).

Yes monk can resist her too

Pal, I don’t want to sound rude, BUT, I have already answered your query above… the way I see, understand things…
hence have written about skipping Drama w.r.t. you
not being interested in repeating things to you as I can clearly see what you r doing !

Hint: try to understand / get clarity about:

  • “buff / debuff”,
  • “Abyss / ghost form as a buff & debuff”
  • When abyss / ghost form benefits self status v/s when it impacts status of opposite targeted heroes !

Within all that lies the answers…
If still you feel disappointed, I have also written above to another fellow player, to take pics / video & send to SG… which is the appropriate way to deal with it… = You can try that route too :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: