Lepiota, Skadi and Balbar NERFED!

Somewhere in the middle of updates incoming with the new version below is sneaked:
“Skadi’s Mana generation reduction stack, Lepiota’s Abyss and Balbar’s Sleep are now resisted by “Resist negative mana effects” passives and Cleric’s Manashield talent”.
For Skadi maybe its not a big deal (her major skill is Frost damage, mana reduction is nice addition) while for Balbar and Lepiota it’s completely different thing. Icould understand resist negative mana effects would block their specials, but adding Cleric class is far too much. At present Monk class blocked their special, now the whole Cleric class will do as well. So far Lepiota was pretty much the only card that blocked ie. Mother North, guess what, not any more.


Is it a nerf or just a fix to make resistances consistent?


Cleric class didn’t block the special so far, now it will. This is 100% nerf


But it should have. This corrects something that was inconsistent with the skills.


Why? The skill was as it was, it wasn’t “can’t gain mana”, but turn into ghost form. That’s sth completely different.


But inside the ghost form there is can’t gain mana, so again just a correction to something that should have been that way.


So far stacks have been treated differently from status ailments. Skadi’s mana reduction is a stack. This is not a fix, but a balance change or a “nerf” as the OP puts it. I’m still on the fence on this, because I don’t feel it fixes an inconsistency. Instead it muddies the waters. Should monk class resist Skadi’s stacks too? What about the Gazelle?


It’s a fairly big change for my Lepiota. She’s failed a number of times to abyss an enemy. Bit of a shame.


It’s nerfs stacks it’s not status ailments if they was they must be blocked or cleansed, lepiota don’t bring direct mana block the mana block it’s come from the ghost form so only monk class have to resist this not and cleric, baldar it’s the same.

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@KB-79 : The Cleric class talent says : Manashield = +7%x nodes chance to resist any negative mana status OR effects that prevent the USE of Special Skills.

Talent class is supposed to activate & provide that class’ benefit to the heroes…against the exact definition of that class, which wasn’t happening 100% with the mentioned heroes in OP … BUT the Talent class was working against other heroes as per the % logic
that has been rectified = set right !

So pal, Cleric talent class has the certain % possibility, depending on the emblems nodes, to STOP anything that can prevent the USE of Special Skills = This change by SG / game is RECTIFICATION of an ERROR !

Come on… HOW is it a NERF from any angle / aspect ?!

Lets notify / blame where it is due… Blaming everything, blindly, makes Blaming a JOKE = it is not taken seriously !


By that logic, wouldn’t it only prevent sleep and abyss if the cleric had a fully charged special?

I don’t see how the cleric being charged for a special some turn in the future should prevent the primary effect of Lepiota and Balbar’s skills.

The language of talent - class - special skill description is SIMPLE & CLEAR… AND the talent activation is NOT dependent on hero being charged…
it would be a waste of time now onwards to intellectualise from any angle… so I will henceforth, leave you / others to find your own answers…
For me, it is absolutely clear & it is NOT a NERF !


The only thing that confuses me in regards to lepiota is ghost form is generally a buff and not a debuff, in fact it is a buff in every other instance than lepiota casting.

Kinda like Wilbur damage share wont be resisted by the defense down portion can be resisted.

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Respectfully, do you think it’s as clear cut when it comes to Skadi?

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Now take a close look at Lepiota’s special:

  • Removes all status effects and stacks from the target. Removes even those status effects which are otherwise undispallable or uncleansable.
  • Deals 158% damage to the target
  • The target switches into Abyss Ghost form.
  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target receives 88 damage per turn.
  • While in Abyss Ghost form, the target cannot gain mana, can’t do normal attacks and can’t cast specials skills; but is immune to normal attacks, special skills, status effects and stacks
  • Abyss Ghost form lasts 4 turns.
  • Last enemy left in the battle can’t be shifted into Abyss Ghost Form.

Now let’s imagine your correct in your thinking, personally I have different opinion but ok. What about 88hp dmg each turn that comes along with Abyss form? That’s a rectification? Not to mention the possibility to ghost tiles through the card that is ghosted that will not be possible as well.

That’s what you call a RECTIFICATION? Stop being ridiculous!


My understanding = Anything that curbs the hero = is a debuff for that hero. So Lepiota curbs the target hero = it is a debuff for that target hero & hence the talent class can activate as per % applicable !

Wilbur’s shared damage is not a curb but a benefit = Buff for the targeted hero / heroes = no threat & no talent class activation applicable
DD is a curb = Debuff for the targeted hero / heroes & hence, the talent class can activate as per % applicable !

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Yeah… I guess it is hard to tell cause heroes that turn themselves into ghosts dont have a talent with an innate resistance (amneona-sorc, stonecleave-barbarian, and the new one here is a paladin). If they made a hero that turned itself into a ghost a monk or cleric would it resist it’s own ghost? I kind if always viewed it as a buff… the debuff portion of her skill is the damage while in ghost.

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I can’t help you if you are totally CLOSED…
you go ahead & find a way… to convince the game with your reasoning …
THAT’s where the real thing sits !

I am clear about the talent class definition, language, specials & hence NOT complaining … :wink:

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Yes, all those mentioned heroes & latest addition to ghosting gang : Lughaidh is a Palladin :slightly_smiling_face:

Buff is benefit for me / team thru me
Debuff is a threat for me / team is my simple definition !

This is where I get confused, you call it a simple definition… but if ghost is a buff on your team why wouldn’t not be a buff on the opposing team? You cant get hurt during ghost which is a benefit, it’s the DOT that is clearly a debuff. But here it is mixed, the same thing (ghost) is sometimes a buff or a debuff but it’s the exact same thing which is inconsistent.