🕵 Lepiota – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I do agree this may be a slight advantage but it is very minor.

However, as I previously suggested, if ghosted hero being targetable is indeed intended, make AI prioritize their hits/kills on other non-ghosted hero in defense so she is at least considerable to be on a defense team.

As a matter of fact, ghosted hero being targetable doesn’t impact just defense, it also affect on offenses as well… for examples, random attacks from other hero spells such as Misandra, Finley, Minion’s attacks, and etc… A simple fix would be just having AI prioritize on other non-ghosted hero.

No, because that would also affect othee ghost effects where you might want to have enemies targeting your ghost.
Ameonna and stonecleave are good examples for that. (I know, in the late game they are rarely played).
But also the fighter reviveskill does set your surviving hero to a ghost until end of turn.

If you are lucky, many specials hit again on your “ghost” hero.

So changing that, would also change the whole intention of heroes that turn thenselves into a ghost.
Who knows if there is going to be a 5star ameonna anytime soon.

Just fix lepiotas Problems with minions on ghosts (not possible to pass tiles through) and then she is awesome.

Now we have fiends in the game. What if Elizabeth has her fiend on a hero before Lepiota ghosts that hero? Should that fiend act as ghost to let tiles go thru? And what if you also have Uraeus who is destroying fiends and adds a sand damage for every destroyed fiend?
I think it is a bit more complex because of this.
I have been lucky enough to pull Lepiota and would also like to be able to ghost tiles but I have Uraeus as well and he would not be able to kill a ghost minion or fiend. I don’t have Elizabeth so I can not test this scenario but it could be interesting to see how this works now.

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I went attack path half way to see how much damage Lepiota would do per turn, she’s doing 118. I roughly calculate that at full attack path, and with my level 29 mana troops she would do 126 damage/turn. So before emblems 111 (444) and after all attack 126 (504). Plus, of course, her initial damage would go up too. Anyway, hope that’s useful for someone debating attack path vs health/def. even going health/def route you still have to hit 2 attack nodes. So it will be slightly higher than stated on card.


So I tested that.

So apparently (SG has some tickets and are investigating)

  1. A fiend can be set on either normal enemy or also on a lepiota-ghosted enemy
  2. If there is a fiend on a ghost, the ghost will then block tiles from flying through them, just the same problem as it is when regular minions are active
  3. Uraeus works properly. If there is a fiens on the ghost (or a minion) uraeus will try to set sand damage on it. But as the target is ghosted, it is immune and will not get the damage.

So we will have to wait until SG gives an answer to that, lepiota still is playable, but would be much better if ghosting tiles would work on aky ghost.


Could you test use Lepiota skill on lepiota-ghosted enemy ? Can she reset the duration ?

And could you test use Lepiota skill on Ameonna ghost and Stonecleave ghost. Can Lepiota remove these ghost ?

I tested that first case. Lepiota does not dispel ghost form from Lepiota special :(.

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No, nothing of the above works, and I think its fine that way. :slight_smile:

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@Ruskin505 @Enni It look like ghost isn’t only immune to dispel, ghost is also immune to Lepiota’s remove too.

Can equalizer remove these ghost ? If yes, it mean that equalizer’s remove and Lepiota’s remove are different.

Could you test that can Lepiota remove Guardian Chameleon change element ? If yes, it mean that Guardian Chameleon’s remove and Lepiota’s remove are different.

Finally got mine to 3-70 and ran some tests. She is a fun hero but the ghost heros with minions absorbing tiles seems like a bug.

I purposely found a freya tank and charged her twice for double minions before ghosting her and unloaded tiles into her she absorbed them all taking no damage to herself or minions. Not only that but her druid minion proced after she absorbed the tiles.

I think I’m going to hold off fully ascending her until I get any official word this is working as intended or not.

Ghosting a tank and having 3 columns of tiles produce null results is a pretty big drawback.

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Ran into an interesting situation today.

Zocc used his special on Lepiota. She used mindless attack and created an underwild gem. Not the worse case scenario.


How did you emblem your Lepiota? Did you go full defense or offense? I assume def, since its an utility hero, but wanted to double check

Emblem path from above

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One way they could fix/buff the “cant ghost the last man standing” part of her special is to keep the “cant ghost” part, but keep (and increase) the dot if there is just one hero left.


I’ve noticed a few times now that there is a slight delay after using Lepiota’s skill with the Underwild Gem. If you have a bunch of specials ready to fire and click on them all quickly, after Lepiota it doesn’t seem to register the next one or two if you tap them too quickly.

I like the mandated pause when a gem appears. It calls more attention to it and often changes how I approach the board.

I advise generally using her special last. You can’t use another special on the same hero after her’s (Elizabeth is one exception I can think of) so might as well see what your other specials do first before using Lepiota.


It keeps tripping me up both with other specials and with making a gem match on the board. I dislike the delay.

Now when Lepiota has been out for a while, how do people emblem her? She is more of a support hero but has a quite nice attack stat too. I’m not sure what the best path is…

Def/hp is best…you need her skill more then att


Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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