🕵 Lepiota – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback


I suppose it is a question of horses for courses or some such.

She is excellent against heroes under Ludwigs mana boost, she strips off all stacks and effects. So if the enemy has a MN about to start machine gunning that can be stopped.
She is very, very useful in nullifying a dangerous hero for several turns. No slash attack, no mana gain, no buffs.

Granted, her hit is weak but she does so much that you sometimes just really need done.

In my roster she still counts among the best in her class, your situation may well be different.


Agreed. My roster is really deep and i still take her on every raid attack. 7 tiles and ope sorry Xylophone no boosting mana for you. Or any of the taunt heroes just get booped into the shadow realm. Or sometimes you want a ghost lane to charge others. She is legit the only hero I’ve thought about fully ascending a dupe of.


Definitely, you can speed up your ghosting with 2 of them

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I’ve got 3 of them. lol Even though only one is really maxed +19, it’s very very funny to use them all together.


It is different for me…so I don’t know why you reacted with “Whaaaa”?. Now that I have harder hitting heroes it’s way easier to kill someone than ghost them for a few turns and have to worry about when they return from the spirit world. I said she was super useful and a gamechanger back in the day. She’s just not super useful anymore for me, and also not close to priority in LBing so I use her even less.

When I got my 6th royal tabard last time, I chose to ascend Lepiota. So far, she is already at 4/74. Even if not yet fully leveled, I have used her in the current Bloody Battle tournament, very useful against the Krampuses and Karas everywhere. :laughing:

I’ll also emblem her soon.


@valourandvaliance I may have to give her a try as I respect your opinion. I have had her leveled for quite a while and very rarely use her. Having her available to lock down problems -I can see being very valuable as power and trouble spots continue to grow. Glad I read this thread

She was great for me for awhile, no way I would LB her though as her damage is non existent and wastes an LB. Survivability alone is not a good enough argument for me to LB, but to each their own.

For my opinion it all depends on how many heroes one has in the deck and on his style of play … I personally never liked Lepiota, from a year stuck to 3/70 and I often forget I have it … and it was the right choice because then I got much stronger and more useful purple heroes in my deck

I mean there’s not many hero’s as powerful as Lepiota but each to there own. Purple is stacked with great hero’s of course but I’d say Lepiota is inside the Top 3 still. It’s all down to playstyle of course but when you start using her to take out key heroes, stop specials, create ghost avenues for tiles etc etc is almost feels like a che@t mode has been enabled. On a fast hero you can get to 7 tiles….


I still prefere Hell ,Panther and Rayne :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…Lepiota in my deck isnt necessary

Like I said, to each their own. But you are missing out on a really great hero. She’s brilliant as a 1 in a 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 as it really gives you a pretty amazing insurance policy.

At 3-70 she’s pretty weak so if you’ve tested her she probably doesn’t live long enough to shine. I use her all the time and my purples are stacked. In a world of purple tanks she’s a stand out purple


I own one maxed Lepiota, and two others at 3/70. Even though she is squishy if not maxed, if you get enough tiles to fire them all, it’s a win.

Although I was quite upset when MN and other Clerics, Monks etc. were able to withstand her charming stick of oblivion, I still love her! At 3:70 she is too weak to stand a chance against a regular Diamond Defense, but once she is in the club of 80s, she really shines! Give her a try! :slight_smile:

That’s also when I found Lepiota to tail off for me. When they fixed the talents to block her special, I found it more and more frustrating to use her as there were so many more units that resisted her. I know one guy keeps beating her drum about her, but really means you have a weak roster. There’s no way she’s top 3 in dark, and she can only be used in raid and war. Useless on titans, near useless on defense.

Gonna strip her wizard emblems as soon as Costume Rumple is finished.

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Exactly, I was used her a lot before they “fixed” her, after this “fix” for me she it’s become seconded almost useless.

I don’t know what level of the game you are in but a hero isn’t useless if it’s not a good Titan or defence hero.

Today we are warring against 7DaysReborn and just chosen at random is 2 defences. They are fairly standard in the wars we fight in, equally nasty in slightly different ways…

Now for all the complaints about Lepiota being able to be resisted please tell me who can resist this? Now yes it’s equaliser so you need to time it but she’s still very useful as an insurance piece. Even more so on non-Equiliser wars where Taunt is more prevalent.

When you use Lepiota well she’s insanely powerful. We have someone with Dupes of her and nearly took a 3rd from Soul exchange. If it wasn’t for Lord Loki I think he would have too.

But as usual your mileage may vary. I have a very strong roster and Lepiota gets used every war.


The whole cleric resist issue is pretty over blown. I would look at similar issues with using Proteus, but the fact of the matter is a lot of defenses don’t always have clerics in them. Even if there are monks or clerics, I find that I can usually block at least 2 heroes who are next together. As for Lepiota, what it really means is at worse, you’ll only be able to guarantee to affect 3 or 4 defenders. Even for the last defenders, it’s only a chance of resistance.

There’s several that also resist her with passives, and often I found myself wanting to target those like healers or mana boosters. Listen, It’s fine if you guys think she’s great. It’s not black and white. I didn’t say she was useless, I said she wasn’t as useful anymore. Found myself using her less and less and just yesterday stripped emblems for Rumple Costume and don’t regret it one bit. (woke up to +40 with him on defense). Again, I was a huge fan of Lepiota back in the day, and I’ll probably pull her out still from time to time, but I think this is a pretty fair and unbiased take on her which is what people want, not fanboys or haters.

In closing:
Pros: Fast, good for neutralizing at least one unit on a team; sometimes two if you get lucky with tiles;
cool art?.
Cons: Useless against titans; useless when there’s only one hero left; useless if her ghosting is resisted as she does very weak damage; not very effective on defense due to AI still being able to target a ghosted unit.

Feel free to add or takeaway, but that’s pretty factual.


She is probably best for me against dodgers and taunters. Not sure if any of them can resist her and those are also the ones that upset a raid the most besides healers. So I don’t think she’ll ever be useless. I just wish they gave her poison to all not just ghosts, or straight damage if the ghost is resisted (light sniper in that case).