Lepiota or Sartana Costume

Considering my roster…who should i go with?
I like lepiota but i think the best choice for my roster would probably be Sartana.

Lepi brings new unique mechanism.
Meanwhile sartana just another sniper. U already max domitia tho


Yes i really like lepiota…she s gonna be very interesting on offense.
While sartana as strong as she is, is still the same old thing

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Lepiota is new and unique but I am guessing OP is finding his mono purple lacking a fast sniper.

Due to his roster, I vote for Sartana.

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Lepiota is more of a support, someone to buy you time and removes enemy from the fight temporarily.

Meanwhile, Sartana is a huge damage dealer.

I’d take Lepiota to 3.70, play with her and see if you like what she does. She won’t get much more effective than that. I think Lepiota could buy you some time to fire Alfrike or Onyx by disabling one hero for 4 turns.

On the other hand, Sartana costume will quite likely just poof someone out of battle, disabling them forever.

Inside voice tells me Sartana will be more effective choice. But Lepiota more fun and fresh.


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