Lepiota Not Dispelling Kad-C Dodge

The first step in Lepiota’s special skill according to her card is: “Removes all status effects and stacks from the target. Removes even those status effects which are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable.”

However, she does not dispel Kadilen-C’s dodge every time. It seems from the wording of the card that Lepiota should dispel any such status effect, and not have that dispel be dodgable by a status effect, since Lepiota is supposed to remove them.

Is her skill working correctly? Is the dodge supposed to be processed first, ahead of the dispel?

Since C kad’s dodge can dodge dispell, I would guess it is working as intended.


Working as intended dodge is dodge, try to dispell first or wait untill it disappear before lepiota

the wording of the card doesn’t imply or suggest that. it merely says that even those effects that are uncleansable or undispellable are removed, but it doesn’t say that it’s not subject to the effects of dodge or will never miss. C. Kadilen’s card says “dodge Special Skills,” and this includes effects like dispel, compared to Margaret, whose card says “dodge Special Skills that do damage.”

Dodge has priority over dispell/remove.

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