Lepiota does not remove attack boost from final opponent in Attack Boost war

Apologies in advance that I have no video of this…

I was in the final stages of winning a war battle: my opponent had one hero left alive. I know that Lepiota can’t shift the final enemy into Abyss Ghost form, but she should have at least stripped the accumulated attack boosts from it.

“Removes all status effects and stacks from the target. Removes even status effects and stacks that are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable.”

The enemy hero’s attack boost stack remained until I killed it. That shouldn’t have happened.

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I think it is because this buff is simply undispellable, even for her. I tried too, and she doesn’t remove it.

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Her debuff powers are supposed to be absolute.

I think it is a bug. And I think Guardian Chameleon’s remove also can’t remove it as well. I am not sure if war’s attack boost really buff or not. Maybe, it isn’t both buff and stacks.

Cound anyone try Finley vs war’s attack boost ? Will he chain ?

Wait, you’re talking about the war buff? I’m fairly certain those are completely undispellable.


He does chain in the current attack boosted war, even if he is blind and missed any of the first 4 hits, his chain hit based on the enemy buffs reach up to the 5th.


According to Lepiota’s description, nothing should be “completely undispellable”:

Not sure if this is the classic case of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object, but her debuff power is described as being absolute.

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I am inclined to believe this. War modifier is a feature in wars. However, I haven’t observed this on minion wars as my only hero that prevents the enemy summoning minion is Kvasir. I wonder how Bera’s enemy would fare during minion wars.

Some misunderstanding (just ignore this hide detail)

Well, if war’s attack boost can make chain. It mean war’s attack boost is buff. Does Finley chain if target have only stack but no buff ? There is no description say that stack can make him chain.


@Ultra Do you have Mist or Onyx ? Can they block war’s attack boost ?

Maybe, war’s attack boost is exceptional completely undispellable buff :smile:

I think that war buffs are actually considered separate from the heroes themselves though… like in Field Aid wars for example (that no longer exist)… if you had a hero that said it stole / blocked healing applied to a character… I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t block or affect Field Aid in any way.

I think war buffs are not meant to be hero buffs. They’re strictly “field buffs”. Applied to the whole field. Not directly connected to the heroes.

I misunderstood you. I just realized it now. I don’t have Finley. But I saw a defending Finley doing his chain, which was irrelevant to the discussion. My apologies.

I have a maxed Mist unemblemed and I don’t have Onyx. But I have Kageburado+20, Ametrine+20 and costumed Sabina+11. Regrettably, I have used all war flags. We will have to wait for the next attack boost war in June or early July.

Maybe others here can share.

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has been a long time since my last Field Aid war, but my Valeria was actually great at stealing Field Aid. I guess even Vlad and Victor work the same, but not remembering their cards right now.

@Chodaboy Could you test Lepiota vs stacks ? The bug might be that her skill isn’t remove that stack as the description.

I didn’t realize Field Aid could be stolen. Because I don’t have any heroes that can do fancy stuff like that.

As for Attack Boost specifically… the whole point of Attack Boost is that the opponent is supposed to keep hitting you harder and harder the longer the fight goes on. If that effect was dispellable, it would almost be pointless. It’s already one of the easiest war buffs to deal with IMO.

Unfortunately, I can’t, because I can only use her once in war and the war is over.

3-4 weeks until the next attack boost war, right?

@Chodaboy No, I mean test Lepiota against Jarvur elite monster or Mireweave boss in S3 map stage or in raid/friendly match.

Except that the war rules are a little different. But, FWIW, I recall being able to PREVENT the defense from getting the war buff using Mist. Doesn’t help your cause, but it’s something to consider. If someone has Snow White, they can try it as well since I think she removes all the undispellable buffs.

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