Lepiota Bug?

Cleric type talent (mana shield) will block Lepiota’s skill 100% of the time.
Anyone else experienced the same?

I have tested this and it is absolutely not true.
This is not a bug but you just weren’t that lucky


So I tested in friendly match and it works fine. But in regular raid it’s 100% mana shield block. Anyone else can validate in regular raid?

I use Lepiota regularly. Cleric’s occasionally block her ailment, but it is not 100%.
I agree with @ilboll.


Just started her final ascension this am. Can’t wait to figure out how to use her. Feel like teaming her with onyx would help in the current meta. In a few days/ week i will be able to have a more on topic response.

Used her today in the current tournament, managed to ghost Ariel 85+20 twice in a row.

I know what you mean though, Mother North about to go off with 2 or 3 dead seems to block 100%…

This is untrue, as I have been able to use lepiota successfully against cleric & also got blocked at times.

How many times have you tried & got blocked against cleric?

If not monitored, it might come from a perception & not reality…

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I have tested this and it’s as advertised, about 1 out of 3 times its resisted. It can seem like more but after this was changed and I was considering maxing a second copy I wanted to see this in action.

Thank you everyone! I actually replenished 2 raid flasks and agree - it’s not 100% mana block. Although there are instances wherein I fired consecutive times with my Ludwig + Lepiota combo and completely gets blocked again and again. But yeah, maybe it’s just a fluke.

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