Lepiota Bug: Tiles sent through abyss ghost form heroes with minions yield half mana

Heroes that are in abyss ghost form due to Lepiotas special can normally have tiles sent through them as if they were not there, essentially ghosting tiles for full mana. When a hero in abyss ghost form has minions, the ghosted tiles only yield half mana. Because the tiles are not interacting with or damaging the minions this doesn’t make sense. I’m assuming this is not working as intended.

Here is ghosting tiles into abyss ghost form, 3 tiles fills half of Profs mana bar as expected.

And here is ghosting tiles into abyss ghost form with minions, that Black Knight has a 29 mana troop.

On a side note, heroes in abyss ghost form are able to gain minions from say Bera or Freya, they can have minions destroyed by say C Gormek or Grimble, and their minions can still do damage. Is that working as intended? I would have expected none of that to happen.


There was a post on this bug, but it gets better! A QoH minion that is ghosted still taunts lol


@Draerius oh my gosh that is hilarious, it’s like they just forgot that minions existed when making Lepiota

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Maybe merge here. while not the original bug discussed in that post, it was brought up in the comments


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