Lepiota, Alfrike, and Cobalt potential bug

I just had two raids where a hero was in ghost mode, Alfrike hit cobalt, but with only two heroes left, Cobalt attacked the ghosted hero and not himself with the mindless. Is this working as intended? I was able to get a video, just unsure how to upload it here.

I think I understand.
The enemy had 2 heroes, a ghosted hero and cobalt. cobalt had mindless attack.
When cobalt charged, he used his skill on the ghost.
If this is what you mean, this is NOT a bug. Mindless attack causes the enemy to hit a random ally. This can be any living enemy ghosted or not. In addition, the mindless attack can trigger the class skill of the ally that is hit. For example, paladin gains a shield or rogue dodges. To my understanding, this is working as intended.

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Thank you both! Someone else told me it worked as intended with Alfrike. Just thought it was odd. Anywho, much appreciated.

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Unfortunately this is an issue with the game’s auto-targetting… For some unknown reason, the AI is able to target “ghost” heroes (including fighter heroes mid revive…)…

And it makes literally 0 sense… because you (as a player) are unable to target those heroes but the AI is able to when you do not / cannot set the target…

It’s stupid and I’ve raised it several times with staff but hasn’t been fixed.


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