Leonidas or 李王张?

So why does Leonidas look like a chinese war hero? Everything about him looks like he should be in a dynasty warriors game.
So, why doesn’t he look like…you know…Leonidas?

Edit: The request is that you redesign him…

So what’s your idea or feature request exactly?

Wrong section but I agree, lol. He looks more like a chinese warrior than a greek warrior.

@SirGorash Yeap you guys are right i didn’t request anything. I edited the post so it’s more clear now.

SG have never been above pinching all sorts of ideas from fiction and history - King Arthur, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Brothers Grimm, Chinese, Greek and Norse mythology etc etc

So they may have drawn the character and then decided to ride the coat tails of 300/Spartan history too

If JK Rowling wasn’t such a vicious litigator I’d expect Professor Snumbledor to be an HOTM by now!


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