Leonidas on wing?

I am facing a problem constructing my defense team.

? - Vela - Telluria - JF - Clarissa

I want to put a holy hero there and those are my options:
Malosi, Leonidas, Ranvir, Deliah, Vivica with Costume

Is Leonidas the best choice from what i have?
Should i wait for another holy hero? (if yes, who would be a good wing?)
Or should i put another green hero (Lianna or Mother North) because i have Vela’s special.


Lots of people are successfully using a blue wing on the opposite side to Vela. Do you have anyone suitable?

Leo is ok but doesn’t hit hugely hard, I think he’s slightly better at flank.


Leo is likely the best of your yellow options, although Malosi might have a case just due to his mana speed. The yellow heroes I’d personally want for a wing in that comp are White Rabbit, Drake, Costume Joon, Musashi, Poseidon, and Rana.

In your position I prefer Mother North to any of your yellow options.

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I’d say Malosi simply for the speed, provided you have emblems available. Leo is solid but he’s not going to pose a problem for most people.

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