Lengthen war, raid time limit

I am starting to see more losses due to time limits in war and raids. If that can’t be extended, how about turning off animation? I rarely went the distance in the past, but with the OP heroes, I am seeing more and more running out of time even though I am winning.

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I’ve never run out of time on a raid. Tiebreak does the job. War is different especially with rules.

Would you rather tiebreaker just come to war?

With raids it is happening more and more. With all the OP heroes it takes longer. I get up in the top 100 and it takes a little longer to defeat someone. Same issue with wars but not as bad, yet.

Maybe longer time before the tie breaker.

Must be your play style… Healer heavy? Overuse of suppory heroes, no damage dealers? Try making adjustments. Try running mono, you’ll never have to worry about the timer again.
I run a mix of mono, 2/2/1 and 3/1/1 and I rarely see the timer. Almost never on mono. As @Ruskin505 said, tie breaker usually clears things up fast. In 4 years I don’t recall losing to time more than once or twice. And that happened because I got some phone calls I couldn’t ignore, or I had to put the fight on hold for some other reasons.

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I have been playing for several years. I have played mono, rainbow, etc. War attacks, raids are taking longer due to changes in the game. LB, emblems, OP heroes.

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