Length of Time Alliance Members Are Together Affect War Outcome?

We are a relativey new alliance. Only 6 of our members have been together over 27 days. The rest are newbies. We were matched with an alliance that had only 9 members. We have more so we were limited to 9 members in the war. That was fair. What was not fair was the opposing alliance members for the most part had been together for 200 plus days. No way were our hero levels going to even come close to theirs! So to me, the length of time members have been together in an alliance should be included in the match up. Of course we did not win, didn’t expect too, but gave it our best! But it was discouraging to see this. Length of time an alliance members have been building does count imho. Thxs everyone. Maybe the devs will notice this!

The matchmaking algorithm doesn’t limit the number of members of an alliance who can participate. Some people in your alliance must have opted out of the war (or been lower than level 12, which is the minimum level to fight in war). It is very possible to have unequal-numbers matches.

Length of time with an alliance isn’t a good indicator of player level or skill. My first alliance was a zombie alliance (the leader was inactive). Many players had been there for over 200 days, but there was no coordination, no effective leadership, no strategy. We routinely lost wars, and very few people used all their flags.

In contrast, my current alliance is less than a month old. But we’re very disciplined and follow a good strategy. Everyone uses all their flags, and we do quite well in war.

There are clearly shortcomings in the current matching algorithm still. But my .02-worth is that using age of alliance isn’t going to really improve the matches.

Good for you for giving it your best in the face of a tough fight! Don’t let a tough match discourage you. If you need any war strategy advice, there are lots of knowledgeable people here. A good strategy can really help results, in my experience.


Thank you for reading my post. 3 members who had all played in previous wars and had boxex ck were left out. It seems strange we were at 9 as they also were…when we had been twelve. That said…I will just have to assume it was a glitch from the recent update. But it did happen.

Thank you for your kind and supportive comments at the end of your post.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Definitely have the 3 who got left out submit support tickets then. There seem to be a few issues with wars right now based on what people are posting in Bug Reports (mostly disconnects, but a smattering of other problems too). SG needs to hear about any problems like this.

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That’s a bug if thats what happened. Please ask the sidelined members to file a support ticket.


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