Legion of Darkness - Top 500 Alliance Recruiting

~Legion of Darkness~ are part of The Last Legion family and are currently top 200 as we push for the top 100

  • 4,200TP Defence team
  • Minimum of 15 maxed 5* and 15 maxed 4* Heroes
  • 12* to 14* Titans

We also have openings for higher or lower level players in our sister alliances The Last Legion(Top 100), Legion Of Twilight and Legion Of Shadows for more competitive or casual players.

Contact me on LINE @AndyBSG for more information

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Linky Link to the main “Legion” Family Recruitment Thread:

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We now have 1 spot open, possibly two.

Come on in and be part of a great alliance and a great family

2 spots currently open

If you like to play every day and you’d like to fight stronger titans (12*-13*) and fight in wars to last flag available we are definitely a good fit for you! If interested, check the requirements in OP and message @AndyBSG here or on Line!

Currently 4 spots open

Looking for 3 more players

Now looking for 6 so would ideally like to recruit a small group

Still looking for few members! :arrow_down:

Got a couple of spots to fill

Got our first open spots in a couple of months for anyone looking for a new home

Still a couple of spots to fill

3 spots open, come on in

2 open spots, you know you want to

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Still looking to fill 2 spots

Looking for 3 more… We have cake.

Still got a couple of spots to fill

Currently 3 spots open for any takers