Legends summons.. Pass on it!

Perfect timing on the Legends summons. Had hopes to get the chance swap out few of the heros I no longer need… Telluria!
Thought I’d give a good attempt to replace hero on the new summons so boldly pushed for old heros many of us do not have… My advice, don’t waste your money, your gems or your time. Stocked up 20 more worthless heros I have multiple of already. Costly feeders!! 17 of them precious 3* woot woot! 3 of the same 4* heros I get multiple times on every attempt. it’s not random it’s more of a stacked deck when playing cards!


Existing threads :grinning:
Doesn’t hurt to search before creating a new topic :wink:


Legends is the worst summon portal. Use the free summons you get from completing it and that’s all.

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