Legends of space New opening for the new year!

Legends of Space has 1 opening available. We are a stable 5 year allliance with a simple war strategy. We have been chaining 14* Titans for forever. Looking for an active player that uses flags, hits Titans. We have a web site you can check out too;

Happy to answer any questions!

Bump. 2 spots currently available.

I am desperately looking for an active alliance. I’ve been playing over 5 years. I never miss a war, rarely miss a titan strike. I like chatting and learning new strategies. I’m not having fun in my current group.

@Manosteele Shoot me a message on Line with your roster: @704bouhn or click this link: LINE Add Friend

1 spot filled, 1 spot left to fill.

We have a lot of competitive alliance members! Looking for 1 or 2 more.

Well I heard you were looking for a place to fit in
Full of adherent people with the same objective
A family to cling to and call brethren
Come join us

All we want to do is change your mind
All you need to do is close your eyes
Come join us
Come join us
Come join us

Lyrics by Bad Religionj

Have a couple of Openings right now. Don’t forget about our web site; www.legendsof.space.

WE are back to 30 but if you have interest, we’ll put you on a waiting list. turnover being what it is, expecting a short wait.

Back to 1 opening; check us out. We’re active, not radioactive!

Still looking for 1, to get us to 30.

Still looking for 1, to get us to 30.

We currently have one opening.

Don’t forget about our web site; www.legendsof.space

We currently have 1 opening. check us out!