Legends Of Space - Become a Legend! 14* Titans, 4600 TP minimum

Some awesome peeps in this alliance!

Join up, to meet them :slightly_smiling_face:

(Don’t worry, I’m just an admirer, not a resident, so its safe to join :grin:)


One spot available…join us in space:

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Hey DBC! Thanks. You can come visit us sometime for a war or two if theres an opening.

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They have me handcuffed to the radiator :frowning:

But you never know :grin:

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Hahaha. No problem, hacksaw and a fake hand can fix that

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They’re holding a cocktail in the other hand though, so that might be hard. :wink:

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Only need one hand for coctails :rofl:

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The long term issue is holding a cocktail and playing the game… Need to solve that problem.

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Do war hit, throw phone, drink cocktail :kissing_heart:

Easy! One hand playing while using a straw on your cocktail.
Warning: might see double while taking war hits

We need one hard hitting member!

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