Legends Of Space - Become a Legend! 14* Titans, 4500 TP minimum

Legends of Space is looking for dedicated players to join our intenational alliance . (US, UK and Asia)

Taking on 13-14* Titans and we use all 6 war flags.
Line chat: hyacinthe_fn
or check out www.legendsof.space/join for more info

We’d be happy if you try us out, hangout for a war or two.

Get your stats and personal best recorded !

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Can’t find you on line but I would be interested in checking you guys out. Level 79 with tons of maxed 5 stars. Very active. Let me know if you are interested and I can stop by in game. Thank you.

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Pleasure to have you RJD!

One spot just opened!

Still looking for an active player. Come join us for war

looking for 1 active player. 13-14* uses all flags, 4500 tp minimum.
Rotation on war tanks

Need one active member. We unfortunately had someone who joined and left without using war flags :disappointed_relieved:
Luckily, didnt affect war outcome

Happy chinese new year!
Try your luck with us in Legends :joy:

7 hours till matchmaking ends! Try us out!

Last spot. Come join us for war

2 spots available. 13-14* titans

Need 1 active recruit, long time member retired the game

Join us for war :axe:

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