Legends Of Space - Become a Legend! 13-14* Titans, 4500TP minimum, flexible and relaxed war strategy

Legends of Space is looking for dedicated players to join our intenational alliance . (US, UK and Asia)

Taking on 13-14* Titans and we use all 6 war flags.
Line chat: hyacinthe_fn
or check out www.legendsof.space/join for more info

We’d be happy if you try us out, hangout for a war or two.

Get your stats and personal best recorded !

We currently have 2 open slots available.
Just line chat: hyacinthe_fn
Or just give us a knock ingame @ Legends of Space alliance.
Happy friday!

Needing 3 members after a member rage quit during war (bad tiles, he says). We still won, btw.

And 2 members needed to take a rest due to sickness.

We’re more than happy if you try us out!

1 spot left. Thank you!
And another slot will be opening in a while.
Check us out!

Currently full. Thanks for joining.
For those still interested kindly line chat: hyacinthe_fn
We might be able to make space for you and transfer some members to our sister alliance.
Will update once in a while for available spots.

1 spot open. Looking active player :slightly_smiling_face:

2 spots open! Had to boot 2 new recruits, for not using titan flags
Check out website: legendsof.space
You may also send hero screenshots (line chat: hyacinthe_fn)

Looking for 1 active player, 4300tp minimum. 6 war teams.

looking for 1 active player. Come check us out.
Become a Legend!

Currently full. But will be needing one member after war.
For those interested check out the website. Or msg us through line /discord.

Legends of Space has one spot open. taking on 12-13* Titans. 4300TP minimum, at least 6 war teams. Green tanks for war.
Check out the website for more info.

Up! Just had an opening now after a new member rage quit :disappointed_relieved:
Currently taking on 13-14* titans.
Join us for a war and see if the shoe fits!
Thanks for checking this thread!

Up! Looking for one active player, green tanks for war. 13-14* titan, 4300 tp minimum

Hi there, not looking to join right now sorry but just wanted to say your website is great (the screenshots for the members area you posted look like a stats guys dream!) and the talent simulator is so useful. Do you have plans to update it to include costumes? Sorry for the slightly off topic!

Ps. Nearly at requirements so will keep an eye out for spaces if I’m looking to switch

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Hello there dannyoh31.
Thank you for looking around. Yes the website is pretty cool, updated daily for titan hits, war hits, % of damage etc.

As for updating with costumes, really depends on our awesome leader :joy: she did all the website.

I appreciate your reply and for considering us.
Just drop us a message here, Line or at Discord

Ps. If you are near the requirements, message us and let’s see.

Glad you’re finding it helpful! I’ve been meaning to add costume data for awhile now, but been lazy :crazy_face: … I’ll start adding costume data today.


Oh hello there awesome leader!
@Dannyoh31 looks like storm added all costume data. Feel free to use them! Enjoy :ok_hand:

We may be having one opening after today’s war. For those interested kindly msg us on LINE.

Congrats on new members. Currently full but will be having one spot soon.
If you are interested just give us a chat on discord or Line app
Feel free to browse our website :ok_hand:

One spot now open. We had a guest for 3 wars and now he had to wander around again.
You may message us in discord and Line app.
4400 tp
Uses 5 titans flags minimum
Uses all war flags
Thank you for reading everyone!

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