Legends Of Space - Become a Legend! 12-14* Titans, 2400+ cups, flexible and relaxed war strategy

Legends of Space is looking for dedicated players to join our intenational alliance . (US, UK and Asia)

Taking on 12-14* Titans and we use all 6 war flags.
Line chat: hyacinthe_fn
or check out www.legendsof.space/join for more info

We’d be happy if you try us out, hangout for a war or two.

Get your stats and personal best recorded !

We currently have 2 open slots available.
Just line chat: hyacinthe_fn
Or just give us a knock ingame @ Legends of Space alliance.
Happy friday!

Needing 3 members after a member rage quit during war (bad tiles, he says). We still won, btw.

And 2 members needed to take a rest due to sickness.

We’re more than happy if you try us out!

1 spot left. Thank you!
And another slot will be opening in a while.
Check us out!

Currently full. Thanks for joining.
For those still interested kindly line chat: hyacinthe_fn
We might be able to make space for you and transfer some members to our sister alliance.
Will update once in a while for available spots.

1 spot open. Looking active player :slightly_smiling_face:

2 spots open! Had to boot 2 new recruits, for not using titan flags
Check out website: legendsof.space
You may also send hero screenshots (line chat: hyacinthe_fn)

Looking for 1 active player, 4300tp minimum. 6 war teams.

looking for 1 active player. Come check us out.
Become a Legend!

Currently full. But will be needing one member after war.
For those interested check out the website. Or msg us through line /discord.

Legends of Space has one spot open. taking on 12-13* Titans. 4300TP minimum, at least 6 war teams. Green tanks for war.
Check out the website for more info.

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