Legends of Space. 14* Titans, 1 spot available

oh yeah sorry. Line isnt allowed. @Nikita1 you have discord app?

Yes, the line is prohibited for installation in Russia.

our member will leave after the next titan

spot will be available after war.
Kindly msg us on Line or Discord for those interested.

1 spot available!
thanks for looking

ты нашел альянс? открытие спота за несколько часов. просто жду смерти титана

a long time member just quit the game.
need to fill 1 spot.

1 spot just opened up!

1 spot open. 14* titans chained. must use all war flags otherwise opt out of war.

Might be looking for active alliance. My alliance of 3+ years is dwindling.

hey @_Jinx.
full right now, but opens from time to time.
message us here so we can inform you asap

line / discord link in there.

looking for 1 active player. hit us on line/discord. or knock in game.

looking for 1 member.
kicked someone for leaving a flag in war and missing titans.
Line us or knock in game

1 spot open. had to kick for unused war flags.
knock in game or contact us legendsof. space/join
if interested :grin:

2 spots open. line us if interested

We will be having one spot open after this war.
if you’re interested msg us on Line
Line link in our website. :ok_hand:

:point_up_2: Looking for 1 member. kindly message us on Line or knock in game if interested. happy gaming all​:ok_hand:

one of our co-leads will be retiring :cry: we’ll be having an open spot after MT.you may contact us through Line, check the site for info if you are interested

looking for 2 individuals. chaining 14* titans. uses all war fkags. come knock in game or Line us.

need 1 more crew member to fight off those evil galactic forces :space_invader::genie::zombie::mage::business_suit_levitating: