Legends of Space. 14* Titans, 1 spot available

Legends of Space is looking for dedicated players to join our international alliance .

Taking on 14* Titans.

or check out www.legendsof.space/join for details.
Line us: @704bouhn

We’d be happy if you try us out, hangout for a war or two.

Get your stats and personal best recorded !

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Still looking. Check our site for info or pm us in Line

1 spot still available. hit us on Line or knock in game.
thanks for reading :blush:

Hey think its 30/30 …

yeah just got filled after i posted. send us a message in Line. ill inform you when there is a spot. sometimes people get busy and leave a spot open

welcome Phubbanga to legends.

another spot just opened.

a member needs take a month break so he opted to step out of the alliance.

need one more recruit. send us a msg on line/discord or simply knock ingame. Legends of Space

we will be having a spot after this war. if youre interested send us a message in Line. thanks :blush:

will be having a spot open after mythic titan.
send us a message in Line if you are interested.

we have a spot open
thank you for reading

2 spots open. 14* titans. hop in if you meet our requirements before jump to warp speed :joy:

looking for 1 player before matchmaking ends.

1 spot available and another after war.
thanks for looking

its post war. 1 spot is available.
line us or knock in-game if you meet requirements.

2 spots available. you can reach us thru line or knock in-game

need 2 active players. 4700tp minimum def. hits titan amd uses all war flags.
check our site: legendsof.space/join for more info
or knock in game if you meet requirements.
see you in space :rocket::rocket:

we have 1 spot. long time member needs to go to hibernation due to work.

looking for an awesome individual who wants the spot.

interested? Line us at @704bouhn

14* titans

:purple_square: tanks for vf wars
rotation for other wars

Looking for an English-speaking alliance.
I’ll tell you a little about myself. I am from Russia, I live in Moscow. My native language is Russian. I don’t speak English very well. Therefore, I am looking for an English-speaking alliance to practice English, which is not my native language.
My level is 81. I have 40+ 5* upgraded heroes and a lot of 4* upgraded heroes.
Mana troops starting at level 21 and ending at level 26.
I can beat Titans 14*
In the war of alliances, I throw off all flags according to the tactics or requirements of the alliance.
I actively play and am constantly in the game.
All English-speaking alliances use the messenger Line in their communication, which is prohibited on the territory of my country. Because of this, I have difficulties in selecting a foreign alliance.
I am ready to consider any suggestions if you are interested in me.
Thank you for your attention and I am very sorry for my English.

hey @Nikita1
you have Line app? if you do, please message @704bouhn
dont worry we also have non english speaking members. For example, an iranian who has been with us for a long time.

Sorry to butt in @TGX but she said she can’t use line