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Why are these prizes so bad? Far worse than the Spring Festival prizes. Those had fewer levels and gave us some tokens to pull for the Spring Festival crew. The rare Kalevala prizes are dreadful and award no tokens to pull for crew. They wouldn’t let me see the epic prizes before I finished the rare. Was hoping the epic prizes would be better. Nope, not much. I see why they locked epic and legendary levels so players didn’t see them and not play them. A little limit break stuff, a little weak trainer heroes, and random low level battle item and battle item materials. Very disappointed for having to do 20 lvls for each the rare, epic, and legendary. What gives?

I have to say, I was expecting at least one EHT for the end of Epic. I thought that precedent had been established: we just had it in the Sand Empire!

You get a 5* ice aether. That’s much better than EHT

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For 60 levels. That’s terrible. Not enough for anybody epic or legendary unless you are sitting on a lot of aether already.

You‘ll get it at Lvl 20:



A 5-star aether costs $5 in the cheapest deal iirc, while an EHT costs $1. However, if you are comparing these two, no one would take 5 EHTs over a 5-star aether.

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…and legendary is decent too:

So, nothing to complain. :slight_smile:


Excellent! I didn’t see that on the graphic, that’s good to know.

(While I’m here, I’m glad that there is a positive result from clearing the Pukka Shells. That’s a nice improvement over the other impediment-clearing stages!)


Better than the alternative, which is “nothing”.

Oh, you poor naive waif. You must be new here! :wink:


LOL :rofl: :+1:


You get the EHT at stage 20 epic. It just dont shows looking at the stages.

Too much items for the preview.
Adding the aethers, the loot is better than in Sand Empire or Springvale.
Happy summoning


@PamelaGH : The good news; it’s easy to level up the 3* heroes and the newer ones are useful and can be used in 4*challenges if they’re LB. I get the not wanting to pay anymore- it’s totally disheartening lately- but there are plenty who are ftp or ctp and still enjoy the game…:… good luck!

I would take 5ehts over a 5* star eather :slight_smile:

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While looking for the correct way to enunciate Kalevala, it also told me what it means, which is cool

“Kalevala, the dwelling place of the poem’s chief characters, is a poetic name for Finland, meaning “land of heroes”

Not sure if it says that anywhere already in the story because I skip all cutscenes.

Umm… I have? Not that I’ve levelled the low quality troops much.

I feel like, they need to fix Kalevala FAMILY BONUS :
All other bonuses of each other families apply to all situations like def boosts, mana buff etc, attack up, stacks,…
Having multiple Kalevala heroes in setup only amounts to special def vs one colour. And then the attacker doesnt bring that colour and their bonus is 0.

I think their bonus can apply to all elements (less dmg from specials), and if they still wish to keep some specific elemental effect, they can add line (versus strong element, bonus is doubled.

Family bonus would then be : (1/2/3)
Recieve 10/15/20% less dmg from special skills. Versus stronger element, bonus is doubled :slight_smile:

They can also make bonus go (1/2/3/4/5)
Recieve 5/10/15/20/25 % less dmg from special skills. Versus stronger element, bonus is doubled

VOTE THIS PLEASE :slight_smile:

Me too. Might be different if we would be talking about 3* aethers :wink:
I have enough 5* and 4* aethers to LB at least one 5* in each color. But in 3 colors not enough 3* aethers to LB even a 3* …

Today I finished Kalavela quest. I must say that the last 3-4 stages were difficult, because of strong slash attacks and the bosses are charging their mana very quickly.
Till stage 17 I used a rainbow team of 5* mostly, but for those last stages I decided I have to take Proteus and don’t let the bosses to fire their special. They are just too strong.
So my team was:
D’Andre - Cyprian - Proteus - Boril - Gullinbursti.
It’s a classic team for me for very difficult quests, I used it many times. I took mana potions and tornadoes.
I have 10 EHTs that I will use in July.
Good luck.


I am also finding the last few stages of Legendary tough. Got careless on stage 18, and got wiped out in the boss stage with slash attacks - did not bring enough mana pots to charge Vivica, the special brought me to the brink and slash attacks finished the rest.

Gonna have to change my team up for sure.

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