🦅 Legends of Kalevala (2022) - Portal Stats & Summon Results

It seems I’m dreaming


Surprised this summon thread is so quiet lol, is everyone holding their summons for July? Or is it because some of the names are so hard to remember?

I’ve managed to pull the Vainamoinen, Ilmarinen (x2) and the Louhi, unfortunately no Kullervo. On my side managed to pull Louhi and Aino (which is great as I don’t have Ariel there). Good luck to all!


Dunno but I did 3 more pulls with EHT i gathered during the week but only got Vanilla stuff to feed to my Kullervo. So way over 100 pulls this month and no HoTM unfornately.

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Got a second Iku-Turso. If i could, I’d trade both my Iku-Turso and one Kullervo for the other 3 Kalevala heroes I’m missing.

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Here are my June pulls from this portal:

I didn’t really follow these heroes to their release, and when the portal opened I was out on vacation so I skipped a few days and didn’t use my hoarded tokens (not planning to use any gems).

I didn’t have any expectations so I guess I can’t complain :partying_face: Although that Kullervo guy is pretty awesome and I have darts right away. Perhaps I’ll get some more tokens before the event ends in July!


Did considerable number of pulls (~50) with no luck other than occasional HotM. Did 10x pull today:

People complain about this guy but for events he’ll be handy. I am working on C-BK (C for later) and these two, Zenobia, some red AoE and some red healer would be nice team. And he’s single 5* that shares damage between enemies while putting even worse def down than Wilbur.

On the other hand why do I need 8th Arfanias? I didn’t do that much pulls this month …


Nice pull with Ilmarinen. He’s an underrated hero

I feel like Arfanias is lonely and is trying extra hard to be summoned! I’m counting 25 now and I definitely haven’t pulled as much as I have in other months :joy:


Agreed… he just seems to be falling out of the portals

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