Legendary Troops

Still relatively new to the game (about 3 months in)… And as someone who has not even have a single 4* Troop, one might find it weird as to why this was brought up. But I often wondered why there are no Legendary Troops (e.g. 5* Troops). I am sure the usual responses would be, that would be too OP, that would make players on the top even more OP, there is no need for even more buffing mechanics, it promotes even more P2W… But my thoughts behind this is simply, what better way to show off a Legendary Hero than him/her commanding Legendary Troops?

Just some ideas for the troops (in that some of these are armies that were well known)
Spartan Hoplites / Phalanxes
Roman Legionaries / Centurion
Persian Immortals
Celtic Highlanders
Orcish Hordes

Substitute/add places in front to make it more suitable for the P&E universe, like Morgovia, etc.

As to their actual usage, perhaps along with their usual stat boost to the hero, have it so that they have their own special abilities like morale up so the enemy units get accuracy down or something.

By the way, not sure purposely, simply oversight, or sloppiness by the dvs. There are 2 Re-animated fighters troops (Dark). 1 star and a 3 star. The difference aside from their stats is their appearance (one has bandana, the other does not). I think it should be a relatively simple change for the devs to rename one of them, perhaps the 1* can be reanimated skeletons, or the 3* can be reanimated warriors, or something along those lines.


A great idea–first time I’ve seen this on the boards. A new way to sink resources.

This is a particularly inspired idea. Not sure how exactly it could work mechanically, but I like it.

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“Ability to favorite Troops. This will be implemented in the near future, so stay tuned.”
They are working on something like that at the moment, but dunno what it will be exactly. And of course they will add legendary troops eventually :wink: It will be like that -> income level dropping -> “OH! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?” -> we will add 5* troops and 6* heroes! so they will need to spend again and more!! :smile: :smile:
But it’s normal practice to absolutly all games and seems it’s not time to do that yet :wink:


6* Heroes eh? Zero faints… Well, more like the people trying to catch up to Zero faint

Honestly what would they call them any way? Heavenly Heroes? They really could’ve used the entire Mt. Olympus Pantheon (I think I only saw 2 + Perseus, who was more like Demi-God), all 12 Knights of the Round Table (aside from Arthur and the overly clichéd Lancelot, the others are severely underrepresented in many forms of literature), all 12 Zodiac avatars for Hero of the Month… But I digress.

But I do see why they might hold something like 5* Troops back, perhaps to be combined with Season 2, whenever and “if” it ever gets released.

But seriously, change re-animated fighters 1* vs 3* that is just laziness/sloppiness.

When will be the question about gathering money from players, trust me! :wink:, they will figure out how to call them, whom they will be etc :smile: Of course if someone still will play that game. Since some time i noticed that a lot of people play less or quiting. I am one of them :smile: but i am stubborn. I still believe that “super magical and mysterious” random will choose me (or even will be somehow worked out or fixed) :slight_smile: But i am on the edge.

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