Legendary training bust

So I was training with the level 20 academy. I had saved up like ten trainings to try and increase my chances of training a legendary hero. I noticed yesterday or the day before that it wasn’t showing me how many heros I could collect. I didn’t think much of it but today I noticed it was only going to let me collect one trained hero when there should have been more. I don’t know how many I lost but it was days of saved heros. I collected around 9:00 am Wisconsin USA time. Please fix this glitch, been playing like two years now and haven’t had a problem I needed to address until now. Thank you

Level 20 training camp I’m guessin?

Got any screenshots?

Did you check your recent activity to verify you only pulled one hero from TC20? Did you maybe hit collect all without realizing it?

Just trying to help.

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Level 20 Academy at this point would be VERY tough and I dont think it allows multiple trainings at once. Im sure this is for TC20. I would do what @nevamaor said and start there.

Did you check, whether your hero roster has free slots available for further heroes? Another - extremely unlikely - idea: did you receive multiple copies of the same hero from TC 20? :grimacing:

No wish I did tho lol

No I had seen at least able to collect five outta 9 and then it was gone.

I am confused here. Is it Training Camp or Hero Academy? Level 20 is applicable to Training Camp where one has a chance to train a legendary hero. Hero Academy, on the other hand, caps at level 10.

Please be reminded that TC20 training requires 297k food, 100 recruits and 2 days worth of training and only gives a slim chance of getting a random 5 star Season 1 heroes (but oftentimes, it spews 3 star ones). For Hero Academy, best check Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion.

Maybe at the time you check it, the 48-hr training time is not yet done. Since it is not finished yet, it would be natural that the pop-up icon would not appear. Also, the “COLLECT X/XX” can be found at the bottom of the training camp when viewed. Sometimes, if your hero roster is full, the “COLLECT X/XX” does not show.

This is because the training has already accomplished the 2-day wait time at TC20. This holds true since you stated that it wasn’t showing any pop-up icon or the number of allowable hero that can be collected “yesterday”.

You may have lost nothing. To confirm this, please check OPTIONS > SUPPORT > RECENT ACTIVITY and scroll down to around 9:00 AM Wisconsin USA time on the day when you “collected” from your TC20.

Hope this helps.

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Even if you collect 100, only 5 is shown, the rest go straight to your roster.

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