Legendary quests

There’s common, uncommon, and rare quests; it would be nice to have “legendary” quests ( maybe have them appear as often as rare quests do) that offer different “missions” and have corresponding high level loot.

Hm, based on heroes, there could also be epic quests.

Arguably, there already are; epic and legendary tiers for monthly events.

What kind of rewards were you thinking? Doesn’t get much higher than 4* ascension mats…

  • More gems than in the uncommon gem quest, 5/10/20 for Find Gems III, 10/25/50 for Find Gems IV (epic quest)

  • Much more iron/food (needed for the advanced buildings and the hunter lodge stuff)

  • Atlantis coins, an epic hero token

  • more expensive battle items like time stops, miracle scrolls or maybe one of the hunter lodge items (especially interesting for people who are still short a few levels of stronghold to get there)

Common quests are boring because anyone with a decent team of five heroes can autoplay through them. Also, several quests only have useful loot if you are a beginner. Thus harder and more rewarding quests would be both better and more fum for intermediate or advanced players.

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Version 22 release notes had this entry:

  • New Missions added.

So far I don’t believe we have seen any.

Missions and quests are differemt things in E&P.

I have seen one new mission so far: “Bring stronghold to level 25”. I fully agree that there would be much room for improvement, in particular, adding missions that are not just milestones you reach anyway at some point…

Quests, however, are things like Farholme, Shrikewood but also Find Gems, Find Crafting Items etc. There are several that are both way too easy and also too unattractive regarding the loot for everyone beyond beginner level. Therefore, OP proposed epic or legendary quests that are much more challenging even for advanced players but also have rewards that are worth the battle energy if you are a seasoned player.

TomSnow’s response was along the lines of what I was envisioning. Also, to make things more interesting maybe add this to the boards in the Legendary quests: Every time you get 2 dragon gems (for matching 4 tiles of the same color) of the same color on the board at the same time, you get a special battle item. This item causes the enemy to attack itself for 1 turn. For example, you get 2 red dragon tiles on your board before using them so you get 1 battle item (mirror attack, like Merlin’s special) that you can use against a red enemy. You can choose to use these battle items during the Legendary quests or you can choose to save them for Atlantis, seasonal, epic, etc. but not in raids or wars. You can only take a total of 10 of these “mirror” attacks per level in each quest (it’s up to you how many of each color of mirror attacks you want to take, up to 10)

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