Legendary Hero where are u


why did I never get a legendary hero, not a little money i spent to buying diamonds?


You pay for CHANCE of 1.3% to get a 5☆ hero.
Not to actualy get one.
Its all about luck. Nothing for sure.
So best pulls in Elemental summons.
Atlantis Summons

I also recommend you to wait till Halloween Event before pulling any thing, and keep all your epic hero tokens for that event too.

Have a great day.


The chances are minuscule, that’s why.


The odds aren’t THAT bad. With an event or elemental summons you have:

  • 2,5% chance of a legendary hero plus
  • 1.2% chance of the legendary Hero,of the month

Build and run Training Camp 20 for a way to “grow your own” legendaries without any gems.


Those odds are terrible what are you saying lol


Those are horrendous odds!


Epic Hero tokens valid also for event summons?


Seasonal events only…


20 things.


ok thanks foe your info


ok i’ll upgrqge my camp until lvl 20


It should be assumed that the odds in the TC20 to be the same as Epic Summons, no? Since the hero composition is essentially the same.

Also, although not really something that would matter on the surface, I read somewhere that someone said the hero that pops out of the TC is determined when the training is initiated, not when it is finished and collected. I’ve always thought it acts just like the Epic Summons, but just curious.


I believe the odds are better in the training camp. See my stats below which I believe others have similar stats on.

5*: 4; 4*: 24; 3*: 60

5* is elena, magni, joon, and Elkanen.


Got two HOTM and two 5* from TC 20 pretty much try, try again… lol


I started TC20 training 2 weeks ago tonight. I got 2 Nashgar, Berden, Renfeld, Tibertus and Marjana in that order. I’ve never spent a cent on this game.


Clarification. Your HOTM are not from TC20. They’re not available there.


“The odds aren’t that bad” they’re literally as bad as they could be. 1%…?


Well, they could be less than 1% but I do agree with you. I was like {draw drooped} when I read the comment. I didn’t say anything as others already kicked him.

To put it in terms of money, it’s about one for every $300 you out in. Some hit better, some worse.

Some can afford $300. Some cannot. Too some it may not be that bad. To others it’s a lot. Just putting the odds in a different perspective.


Some 5* are not even worth ascending, I have a bunch of Qunitus and Thorne, please take them.

Current chest, ie, monster chest, Titan chest takes forever to get enough mats to ascend your 5*, I have 6x 5* on 3rd tier. Unless you want to gamble 600 gems for a chance to get 3* ( 7.3 % warm cape) & 4 * (1.3 % Farsight Scope) in current offer for ascension pack - ice.


:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I guess one came to me…

even though this last week my loots from wanted missions were only battle items. but its ok, the good/bad luck balance has to be reequilibrated again after the above good lluck :d