Legendary Hero Token

I was thinking about a way that could help people get 5* heroes. As i heard Anchor suggest a “pity meter” on pulls before. Which is an idea i really like. So if you pull a certain amount of heroes (say 50) and dont get a single 5* then you would be guaranteed one the next pull. And anytime you do pull a 5* the pity meter would reset back down to 0. So you would at least be guaranteed a 5* every 50 pulls (or whatever number they decide. 100 probably makes more sense). But i was thinking this doesnt really benefit F2P and C2P players because it would take them months or years to do that many pulls. Although if people knew they would get a 5* at a certain point maybe more people would be willing to spend money. I dont think it would put paying players at a huge advantage over F2P and C2P players.

Another idea i thought of though when i was thinking how to help out everybody to get 5s is to introduce a Legendary Hero token. Just like an Epic Hero Token but it would be a guaranteed 5. Id like to see it be able to produce past HotMs, Season 2 and Event 5s as well but at a much lower drop rate. You could put these as very, very rare rewards. Maybe even only for completing certain things. Like they dont have the possibility to drop when you get loot. You could only get them from reaching certain milestones in the game. Like when you reach a certain xp level like 30-40 or killing 200 titans or once you max a 4 of each color. Could be other reasons to get them but make it so you wouldnt get one until you have been playing for a decent amount of time. And make it so people would only recieve them like 2-3 a year.

It would solve the problem of people playing for 6 months or more and not having any 5s. It wouldnt give anybody an advantage because everyone would be able to get the same amount. It might help C2P and F2P close the advantage gap with P2W players. I dont know. I just feel horrible when i hear these stories of people doing 100 pulls and getting no 5s. At the same time though, i do want the game to shift to where you have to pay to stay competitive. I really admire the game for not giving P2W a huge advantage or at least still making them grind it out like everybody. The fact F2P and C2P player can compete is a testament to how well it was designed.

Im sure there flaws with my idea of a Legendary Hero Token but i also Know Small Giant reads the forums so maybe this topic could be a catalyst to something that gets more people 5*s.

Let me know what you guys think. Maybe you can add to or modify my idea and it could become something plausible or useful. I hate seeing so many complaints in the forum. I hope SG implements some stuff to make the players happier.

That sounds good, but ive only been playing for 60 days and have got some of those summons from Atlantis tokens. I now have 2 5 star’s I don’t get how people pull 100 with no 5 star’s. Crazy. So yes this should get addressed.

I played for almost 3 months with no 5s. Then i started putting money in. Ive been playing for just over 5 months now and in just over 2 months ive pulled 21 5s. Its crazy. Im prefectly happy with my drop rates but i feel so bad about hearing other people spending way more than i have and not getting any. I know its a random system but it kinda feels like something is off.

7+ months playing. already pulling heroes from training camp 20. about 50 or so summons. no 5*. under 10 of 4* on my teams. not complaining thou.if i get a 5* still dont have the ascensions so… not in a hurry

I like the idea but I think it would be better if this legendary hero token worked like Atlantis Coins. With this I mean that for special milestones (every tenth level up, playing for 6 months/1y/2y, compleating season 1/2(/3)) or ranking high like Top 1 % in weekly tournaments you get a few legendary shards.

A certain amount of these legendary shards lets you choose a trainable 5*
A somewhat higheramount of these legendary shards provides you a random 5* out of a big pool (TC20, old HotM, old event 5*, season 2).
A much higher amount of these shards lets you choose whether you want a random old HotM, a random season 2 etc
Same with choosing the colour

I think it’s good if long-time activity and patience also get rewarded. If this system results in one extra 5* hero for every, say, 1 year of very active playing, it wouldn’t hurt the game economy much

In view of the soul exchange, I say it’s about time we have a new token called the legendary hero token (LHT). It’s a token that guarantees a classic S1 legendary. This will help somewhat against the steep cost of the SE. It also helps the newer players get some legendaries fast

I see that as a win win situation

It doesn’t seem like a bad idea on principle.

What would a LHT coin be worth though? Top 1% tournament finish?
Wouldn’t it just get more legendaries for the already great rosters?


The idea here is to get a couple more legendaries for the SE. And for the newer players to get at least a classic legendary. Which at this point, is not really that big of a deal anyways.
Depends on how frequent SE will return. If let’s say SE comes back every 3 months, this would just mean a free S1 legendary every 3 months, doesn’t really break anything


(Legendary Hero Token)


Think @Tidyup was thinking of a doable play event to go with SE. something like ToL.

Complete 10 levels = 100 SE tokens = 1 pull for a guaranteed 5*

Other games that I play that has this feature use a spinning wheel of fortune. It’s not a guaranteed 5* though. The slots feature stuff like :

  1. Gems in different bundles
  2. AM in different bundles
  3. Relevant game currencies (other than gems)
  4. Relevant stuff for that game
  5. Chance for featured 3*
  6. Chance for featured 4*
  7. Chance for featured 5* (the slice for this pie is really, really small :rofl:)

It’s fun to see what I can get.

If the pie is say 100%, the the split can be this way:

• chance for featured Non S1 5* - 2% (1% is really tiny on that wheel)
• chance for HOTM - 2%
• chance for S1 Vanilla 5* - 96% split into 12 different slots (8% each), designated S1 vanilla 5* (with repeats)

I do believe this does exist in puzzle combat!!! Quite recently new there too…sometimes sgg like to try stuff out there before here so maybe will see it down the line.

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Have a dedicated player who said he was tired of never getting a five star after about a year of playing. I had several. The odds finally caught up with him as they eventually catch up with most people. His first one was Grimble (who I could really use to finish 36-10 of season 4). Learn to play what you have, THEN you will be a beast when you get the 5s. Besides starting if you get one unless you have a lot of money you will need a whole lot of time to ascend that 5 hero.

I want LHTs basically to aid a little for the steep SE requirements

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