Legendary Hero Success Rate Changes

This story may sound familiar to some, but please bear with me. I saved up my dune coins and gems. I ended up doing a ten pull two times along with a ten pull from dune coins. My results… You guessed it. Dawa and Jarif for the win. Lol.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful, and thankful for the great items I’ve pulled from pulls in the summons pulls. However, for the last year up until recently my summons portals pulls have made me feel like I’m being robbed for spending money for pulls through the summons portal.

My suggestion is can we have an update for increasing the success rate of pulling legendary heroes? My prayer and my hope is that the developers of this game give the players of this game a fair shake at receiving great heroes. It feels like receiving 3-star heroes for ten pulls is a slap on the face for players hard work playing Empires & Puzzles.

I feel what you do, and while sometimes we get a nice surprise, more often than not it feels like we’re being laughed at.

However, all is not doom and gloom, I have reason for a little cheer, or at least there’s something brewing that will ease the pain.

We have had a look at something in beta, and we’ve tried it out, which ought to be fairly well received. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but it is something many here have called for, and it should be here very soon. It should take the sting out of not getting anything, at least quite a bit more than in past memory.

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You’re right, milo! All is not doom, and gloom. However, change is definitely needed. Change is very much needed. I’m not going to ask you the obvious questions out of respect, and I’ll wait patiently.

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All I can say is it is expected to start as from version 52. Note, I say expected by those in the know.

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Bear with it, there will be a pity counter coming soon

@lprescott720 you can read more about it here:

I’m holding all my pulls until V52!


Thank you, @Sorvina ! I’m definitely excited and curious to see how the Fated Summons play out. I agree with you, Sorvina. I’m saving my gems and my pulls for V52.


Definitely feeling your pain. Had over 40 EHT saved up, the result was only 1 5*: Azlar. Hurts when results are that bad

40 EHT… Yikes. Was Azlar regular Azlar, or Costume Azlar? Was that Azlar a duplicate? I definitely empathize with you.

Normal season 1, I have had all s1 for a long time. Got 1 new 4* (the new purple healer, forget he name) and 1 new 3* (the blob thing), the rest are fodder. Could have definitely used a consolation prize

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Don’t give up, Drew! You’re due for successful pulls!

Tried 5 more today, got the horrible HotM. Giving up for now