Legendary Hero Mana Levels

I suggest changing all legendary hero’s to be at least average in mana recharge rate.

Mana recharge is part of the balancing.

Yeah, slow is a little awkward but those slow uber specials would all get nerfed, some of them hard, if they were reduced to average mana.

I’m doing some raiding with Alby these days; slow is, well, still slow, but it’s functional if the rest of your team is on point. Wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t do all slow, or maybe even 2 or 3+ slow, but can get away with one even if it’s not exactly “optimal”

Thanks for the quick response. I understand the need for balance…could you at least take a look at Vivica?

What’s wrong with her other than being slow?

Sure is she not the ideal defensive hero, but one of the top players in the game uses an 80 Vivica as one of his standard raid attack heroes. If you’re evaluating her under level 80, well, no 5* really comes into it’s own until that point.

Currently she can cast strongest all-team heal (albeit by 2%), one of 3 heroes that can dispel status effects on your team, and a defensive vs. all shield. You’d have to give up something, and maybe multiple things (reduction of heal and loss of shield for example) just to be average… in which case I don’t really see it as an improvement TBH.


Justice, don’t even use her. She is weak in attack, with sloooow power. I don’t think she ever gets to use her special , because the raids aren’t long enough for her to charge it up. She must be the lamest 5* by far!

Oh there is nothing wrong with her other than the slow recharge rate…i think with only 2 perks…hp regen and defense…she could use increased recharge rate

Vivica is the best healer in the game by far! You are healed for 44%, you are shielded at 63% for four turns, and all negative effects are removed, and this is for the whole party!

The heal isn’t why you use Viv, it’s the defense buff. It turns 80 one shotters like Joon/Sartana/Lianna into ~400 pts of damage. If you don’t have a dispeller, it’s probably over at that point, or at least swung to a serious advantage for the Viv player.

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