Legendary Challenges are ridiculously hard and no longer enjoyable

The key to good score is using item after you had make a lot of long combo.

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I am 99% sure the answers are yes and yes, but I would either need to find my ancient videos or try in the next challenge to be 100% sure. When I counted tiles in the videos, some were off color (I was using mono) and I’m sure some flew off the targets as they died.

It really doesn’t matter because all you try to do is get the largest combos possible (within reason as to not take too much time).


Thanks for figuring it out!

A simple Marjana, Wilbur, Richard, Anzogh and Kunchen do the trick for me.
Every stage ‘feel’ harder than the last Guardian. I am unsure if this is just a placebo effect or the Guardian stages had been beef up…

*As usual, I concentrated on a single target. G.Chameleon wasn’t really threatening but I hate the element changes. Once the Chameleon gone, it’s a just a walk in the park with a space for ghost tiles recharging my heroes.

I think you’re doing something wrong because, while harder than it used to be, it wasn’t bad at all. Should be a breeze.

I finished all 3 stages, on legendary. I had 4 4*'s
Rigard, Proteus, Gormek/BT, Wilbur maxed+ and Marjana @ 3.70. Mana 2 sets pots (lots), bombs dragons atk (mostly on the last 2 stages). No major issues.
I scored in the mid field on all 3 stages.
Better luck next time.
Have fun.

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You don’t need super heroes, I think what’s essential is Timestops, Dragon attacks and bombs, maybe tornadoes


Here was my team for Legendary.

It felt quite doable. My saving grace was proteus because of his mana block, but having Marie/Grazul helped beef up my team and gave me some decent healing. I decided to go with Cyprian because the biggest threat to the bosses are themselves. Having a reflect is a huge plus when you have healers to keep them alive.

I only used antidotes and some mana pots for proteus and to cleanse the Chameleons ability. I also found building a board with a diamond or a few bombs before getting to the bosses is most helpful and will let you reset the board.


I can now complete rare epic and legendary only the last 3 iv done. I have one 5* maxed only yesterday with emblems. Sure I used a continue on the gaurdians but that owl was nearly dead and I weren’t gonna go through that again! :joy:
Use your heros to your advantage and all will be cool!


I’m free to play and used Sabina (+20), Sartana (+1), Boldtusk (+20), Elena (+1) and Hansel (+19) for all Legendary stages without a problem. I took small healing pots, axes, bombs and dragon attacks. On the 14th and 15th stage I used all axes/bombs/dragons on bosses and proceeded from there.

People often underestimate the usefullness of riposte. Elena killed Kong almost alone thanks to riposte and Hansel didn’t let the owl fire once.

I don’t have Proteus or Wilbur and find the challenges hard but manageable.

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Wouldn’t this game get boring really quickly if the challenges never developed, just stayed the same year after year while heroes got more and more powerful? And wouldn’t challenges be a bit pointless if everyone could just sail in and complete them without skill, experience or a well chosen roster developed over at least a few months? Download game, pay large amounts of cash for top heroes, autoplay event, receive loot, done. Then what? B.O.R.I.N.G. This game is supposed to be a puzzle, for goodness’ sake. You’re supposed to work it out with brains, trial, error and a dose of luck.

Er, what team did I use? I don’t even remember, it was a few days ago! (Screenshot? What’s that?) I know good old Proteus was there again; he does make the whole thing a breeze. And er, some reds. At least two 5* but probably not more than two. And there were dragon attacks, time stops and mana, of which I used nearly all except the time stops (mainly because I forgot to use them, and it got a bit ticklish at the end as a result). So my team would have been under 4000 because they were the best for the job. I can’t help suspecting that despite their claimed experience the OP has not quite got their head around the fact that team power does not = suitability.

As for the gem continues, wasn’t there a line in the scoring that said something like continue penalty? I failed with the first try so just came back to it later with a tweaked team. I didn’t use gems because I learned the hard way not to waste them a few events back. It’s only really worth it if A) the bosses are very nearly dead B) you either have items left or are sure you won’t need them, and/or C) you’re running out of time to complete the event.

P.S. Despite having played for a little over a year I’m a far from great player, with practically no eye for a good match and 0 reflexes. I’ll never get to those higher loot tiers. But I finished the blighter.


So true.

I enjoyed the crawl through S1. Every new province was a new challenge and getting the first, the second, the third 4* hero meant an impossible level slowly turned into a doable one. Each win on the map was a real improvement.

When S2 was released, my team was always good enough to breeze through normal as well as hard mode most of the time. I was waiting for challenges but there were hardly any. Not even Ursena. Compared to S1 it was boring because I hardly ever had to think about strategies, use creative team setups etc.

With emblems and increasingly stronger heroes it’s just logical that the events have become more challenging as well. Still, even Legendary 15 can be completed with 4* heroes only. Therefore, I agree with most people here that the difficulty level is clearly not too high.

To be honest, I would love to see a super-hard difficulty for S3 to challenge even very advanced players (like ‘hard’ difficulty was added to S2 levels, S3 could have an even harder third difficulty level called ‘ragnarök’ :smiling_imp:). We have lots of heroes with awesome abilities and synergies, we have talents, we have Hunter’s Lodge battle items. So why not make map (or quest/event) levels also significantly harder as well for very advanced players?


Hi @BlueEyeDevil,

I hope when the next event comes around, you’ll consider posting your roster so we can help you make your heroes work better for you. Or even sooner if you’re looking to make preparations.

There are a lot of knowledgeable people on here and I’m sure you’ll be able to get through Avalon next month, best of luck!

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I’m sure one day they will have final stages/bosses that can naturally resist all debuffs/ailments. This alone would skyrocket the difficulty for many; no more def down, element down, mana control. Don’t worry. :grinning:

Would mean we have to build an all healer/minion/buffer/riposte team :blush:

I’m sure as well that there will be done something against mana control. Apart from purple reflect, all challenges are pretty easy with Proteus/Hel and enough mana pots. This 3-round mana block is by far the most powerful weapon against most bosses in map/event/quest levels.

Personally, I think a good mix of various stage effects (like fog/underwater/… in S2 or eggs/pumpkins/ice in the seasonal events), hero colour, rarity, class or TP restrictions, as well as bosses with interesting effects + resistances would make new map levels interesting and would require players to think a lot more in terms of setting the best possible attack team than it is the case now.


I didn’t have to continue at all and still had items left. I used Queen of Hearts, Grazul, Hel, Tibs, and BT

Between mana control, redirecting damage, preventing new ailments, turbardes specials that went off had minimal impact. And the potions helped a bunch when I invariably ended up having bad tiles and needed to fire a special that wore off.

That’s all to say, that a team that strong (mine was low 4K) that is also losing is probably lacking in synergy or you didn’t bring the right items.

I think OP was very frustrated when he created this thread, but the point is ‘things are harder,’ which is true. Arguing that ‘it’s still easy’ because you have access to key heroes like Hel, Proteus, Peters to control specials doesn’t help those looking for hints on how to win.

Here’s the strategy I’ve used for any difficult Event or Map battle.

Bring 2 healers, and if one of them is an attack buffer, even better. A defense-down hero is a big plus (Ramming Pulverizer!). Finally, an AOE w/ a debuff like Horghall, Hu Tao, Colen, etc.

On the last wave before the boss, leave one enemy alive in the corner while you manipulate the board. Don’t worry about how long it takes, or how many tiles are getting ‘wasted.’ Get rid of tiles in colors that you didn’t bring. A dragon crest/diamond or 2 being the end goal. Be sure all of your heroes specials are charged.

When you get to the bosses, trigger your specials. If you have items to do so:

  • Use Bombs
  • Use Dragon Attacks
  • Use the 100% Mana potions on your AOE hero and fire them, until the whole stack of 5 is consumed.

That will drop their health significantly. Now start triggering your matches, keeping your hits focused on a single boss if possible. Once one drops, use the open space to ghost tiles and charge your specials.

I hope this helps, and best of luck in the next Event!


I’ve done it for the first time with a 3600 team, Kingston, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Marjana and Proteus. King and Marjana werent fully leveled, I brought hp potions, arrows, axes and dragon attacks.

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