Legendary Challenges are ridiculously hard and no longer enjoyable

I structured 4 4300+ teams of varying elements with complimentry skills and even had revive scrolls and got obliterated. After an hour of time I’m done. This is a game and while I have been a gamer since Pong was released in 76 I dont play games for futility. I spend money and enjoy the game play but don’t make it soooooo difficult it frustrates serious players except for the most insane competitor. Not looking to place top 10 even, just complete the challenge. Also, I have a Black Knight and with Taunt on AOE attacks from the nature carpet rider still get through. And please please look at Fridas defense as she get wiped out any time I use her easier than Grimm.


Hi @BlueEyeDevil

Why not post your team and what items you used and see if anyone suggests a tweak.

You’re clearly an experienced player, so I don’t mean to be condescending, but we all have blind spots, especially when frustration sets in.

I didn’t get it first time and blew 75 gems on the reset (against @Gryphonknight 's specific advice :pensive:)

But I rejigged the team and went back the next day when the red mist had cleared.


I complete it with less than 4000TP. I don’t use scroll, only mana potion for Proteus and bomb + dragon attack to kill them faster because I want to get a good score.


I completed with 3799 TP - As above … took proteus & plenty of mana.

BT - Wilbur - Anzogh - Kelile - Proteus

Currently sitting at 4082nd on legendary


You are doing something wrong.

I finished legendary with Sabina, Wilbur, Marjana, boldtusk and Proteus using mainly big and medium mana pots.
Irf you dont have Proteus you might need another approach though. :smile:

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SG increased the difficulty, last stage on legendary all bosses have 7500hp, before it was only 7000
To beat them you will need to use items, those who have mana controller heroes like hel, proteus, merlin can go with mana pots, others will need to carpet bombs, dragon etc…

Not to mention that if you want a good ranking and get a good loot ( top 1000 tier) you MUST use lot of bomb dragons axes time stop and retry many many times and wait for a good board

Stats show that SG are earning a lot during monthly events from people buying items, world energy refill, and SG is going to increase even more the difficulty in 2020.

as a f2p im still able to get in top1000 in this event witha tp of 3682 (full red of 4* only)
The aim for SG is only p2w players can be in top1000, they dont want free riders there in the future, more money more profit


During pirates, I use Time Stop to replace Proteus.


If you’re losing with various 4300 teams you’re not stacking properly or using the wrong heroes. I’ve never had issues with significantly weaker teams than that.


But well, who’s fold is that?
I mean, I do not think that SG told the people how to increase their score with the tools. Also they included deductions for the use of too many items and a harsh punishment if you use the 75 gems to play on.

I went something like Boldtusk Wilbur Khagan LittleJohn Rigard ManaManaNadoStop. Scored under 80k, but no trouble. On epic went monored and crummy board meant low score, but won’t redo because it won’t increase my loot.

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You are definitely doing something wrong. Exactly what is hard to tell, as you provide very little information. If you arent concerned about time, a well rounded 4* team and a good board for the last phase is more than enough.


I can say that my FTP account beat all 3 levels of the challenge, but I did use 3 5* heros for Legendary. My event conquering hero - Proteus. And all the mana pots I could carry. He owned 5* and 4* events.


I finished the final stage in legendary with 4* only. The team was below 4K team power. Moreover with a great score.

The red team is a beast!

I don’t think there is a deduction for the use of items beyond the time it takes. Do you have a reference that indicates otherwise?

There’s a score for matches. I found that when I used lots of items, I got fewer good matches, because the level finished quicker, so I got a lower score.

So, perhaps that’s how items can lower ones score.

The match bonus is based on the number of tiles consumed divided by the number of moves made. If you have a big cascade and use items, you get a big match bonus. If you make several 3-gem moves and then use items, you will get a low match bonus. Items don’t play a role there, other than tornadoes and hurricanes as they can increase the tiles consumed without increasing the number of moves made…so they can only help increase your score.

I once read a very thorough mathematical explanation of the match bonus but I have no idea where it was…


Some fool wrote this:

PS Tiles used when using items like tornadoes aren’t used in the calculation


Thank you for your work! And for the great timing in providing the link.

That’s good to know!

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Do the “missing hero” tiles count towards match bonus? What about ones that fly off into space and don’t hit an enemy?

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