Legendary 5th challenge RedHood

Legendary event challenge 5, RedHood couldn’t it be killed played twice, once used Diamonds 75 to continue. The second time I changed Heroes and played almost a complete hour, yes 1 hour and nothing, I would kindly request my diamonds replaced as well as my potions and time stops I wasted.

You’re using two red heroes who are useless in this event. You’re basically bringing a team of 3. That’s your problem. Legendary can be completed with 4* heroes. Just play smarter.

And out of those 3 one is a green hero which is weak against red, one is a purple healer and finally Thorne that has attack stats worse than most of blue 4*.
You definitely need different team. Try something like 3 blue and 2 yellow, for example.

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Show ur hero roster so we might give u the best suggestion who u should try to bring

Team formation issue here, you will need to try with more ice heroes. No fire and certainly no nature.

I used ice monocolor to clear stage 5, Kiril, Agwe, Aegir, Grimm & Sonya in that order , only Kiril and Sonya were maxed, didn’t use any item got defeated first time but noticed RH barely had HP left. Second time added arrows and axes, then RH specials kept missing my team most of the time. Finished her off first and then cleared off the two mobsters.

Try lots of mana control, massive healing and carpet bombing.

Bring only blue, purple and/or yellow heroes…

I actually won Legendary with a rainbow team with doubled nature. (Only option for getting two healers and two snipers with my current heroes.) Doubled nature against red comes out like ordinary nature damage, so is not quite as bad as it could be. Doubled ice would obviously be much better — if I pull Ariel, she’ll have enough levels in five months to try her instead of Melendor, I suppose…

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