Legendäre Helden


Es wäre toootal super, wenn bei der Ausbildung legendärer Helden in der Level 20 Ausbildungsstätte auch legendäre Helden bei rumkommen würden!


Have patience, after 1 month i got my first one. Now i have already 2 :slight_smile:


A level 20 Training Center provides 3* heroes, with a chance at 4* and 5*.

Ein Level 20 Training Center bietet 3* Helden mit einer Chance auf 4* und 5*.

[EDIT: Thread doesn’t need to be moved. Thanks!]


Oooh how mean
thanks a lot King Moos, its good to see im not alone :slight_smile:


Wasn’t trying to be mean at all; the official language of the Forums is English. If you converse in English, there’s no reason to move the thread.

The google Translation of your original post was “It would be great toootal if legendary heroes in the Level 20 training center were to have legendary heroes around!” I was trying to answer your post. :wink:


Sooorrryyyy rook, that “oh how mean” was up to that hero-thing :smiley: