Legend summons lost

Hi can anybody tell me please I had 23 legend summons left, woke up this morning to find the legends summons gone and the elements summons in it’s place. When will the legend summons be back and will the 23 summons be with it or have I lost them and can I get them back? Thanks

Check your inventory. TOL will be available again next month

As stated above, the Tavern of Legends Portal is only open several days each month. This month’s has closed, and the portal will not be open again until next month. There, you will be able to use your stored Tavern coins.

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Thank you very much both of you for your quick replies, I very much appreciate it.

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Just to let you know, I checked my inventory and can’t find them for some reason

To confirm - you have no Legends Coins in your General → Utility tab?

No he’s saying the portal is gone :slight_smile: