Legend offer < Tournament offer

The current Legends offer is certainly one of the more generous offers I’ve seen lately… and $1 per summon is definitely more in line of what I think they should cost…

But if we’re being honest, that still only gives you a roughly 1/3 chance of summoning a 5* hero, and a roughly 1/6 chance of summoning a 5* hero that you can’t already get for free from TC20.

So… I guess what I’m saying is, I like where they’re going with it? But considering that this is just a “one time only” offer for a portal with really bad summoning rates…


Or perhaps, to put it more gently… “too little, too late”

Considering how much trust has been lost over the past couple of months, $1 per summon should probably now be the normal cost.


Perhaps. It is possible.

However, it’s also possible that there are many players out there who have finally reached a point that they are no longer willing to pay “full retail price” for “mostly feeders”.

Only time will determine whether or not I’m “crazy”.


When I saw the offer, I thought “Wow!”

But then I remembered all the complaints about the pulls, so my “Wow” quickly turned into a “No thanks”.


Legends pulls are literally the worst pulls I’ve ever made my entire life. Countless pulls… I lost count of it already… and not a single 5*. Funny thing is I can count the amount of 4* I receive on a single hand.

The 2nd worst (for the record) was during the time of Jean-Francois (or was it Vela). 170x pulls and only a duplicate Sartana.

I fall under the category of “I’m done with pulls.” But just when I was finally going to resolve quit paying… SG made this ridiculously “sound good” offer.

Still haven’t buy it though… the percentage of getting a 5* felt more like… 0.01% maybe?

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I had a similar thought but cut out the middle man and just went straight to wow, no thanks

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Considering they couldn’t even get the maths right on their opening offer - 5 separate for £2.99 or one time pull for £14.99 - which is something simple, I am losing faith they got the maths right for this event.

Math analysis of the offer in https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/do-not-pull-on-tavern-of-legends-math-analysis/185230

In case you want to spend in a 30 USD offer do it in S3.

Just for the record, not everything is crap.
I just pulled Alaise, Delilah, and Kunchen

The rest were mostly 4*

no Dawa, sadly :wink:

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Congrats you’ve done way better than most

I’m tempted. For a f2p/c2p player I could really use any of those 5*. Came here 1st to see what others thought of the deal. I’ve already blown about $50 with no luck. Wish it wasnt so expensive or that paying for a deal would gi e me a bonus % on pulls.

Depends on how many pulls. If only 5 pulls you’r very lucky and if you pulled 10.000 times then that’s the average.

I bought the offer for $30

I did get quality 4* heroes, but ones that i already have maxxed.

Was just happy with 2 new 5*

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Depends on what you compare to. If to number of summons then yes. But overall efficiency with regards to non-S1 5* (something most longer-time players will chase) is not that good.

If we compare this and last Valhalla offer that has the same price (multiplied number of pulls you get by the chance to get non-S1 5*):

  • Legends: 30 * 0.014 = 0.42
  • Valhalla: 20 * 0.029 = 0.58

So you still have about 38% better chance to get more non-S1 5* from Valhalla despite giving only 20 pulls. This is assuming you spend bought gems for 10 pull and obviously not accounting for new S3 3* and 4* that might and certainly will be interesting for some.


3 Hotm in 30-pull ? Hats off, you beat the odds !

Someone somewhere will always beat the odds.

That’s how odds work.

I can flip a coin 10 times and call it wrong every time and you can do the same and call it right every time.

But the odds of doing it were exactly the same. Same in casinos. For every big win there’s a thousand losses.

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I know that. It’s was sarcasm. We see only the lucky winner and think we can do the same.

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Ahh yeah true.

The weird thing is with gambling no one every tells you about there losses…this game…everyone tells you about their losses :joy:

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I always keep telling myself. This is not a game but a slot machine with gaming element.

It is one of the better offers I think in terms of value. I wonder if it will repeat next time.

Note: I have been disappointed by how this summons is designed and how odds are structured.

but the coin offer worked… I caved in and bought it and got the rare turn of the luck. I stopped after the 10th coin pull, and decided to save the rest for the next summons event.

I was ready to slap myself in the head for buying the offer, but glad I got a rare turn of events.

Still trying my best not to cave in… lol… the odds are too abysmal. Demm its hard to stay sane seeing this offer…

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