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Hi. My ingame name is Oldies but Goldies, u have my email adress, i would like to be contacted thru email at first by someone from your legal department. The money i put in the game in buying magni, boldtusk, athena is gone but the heroes i bought innitially are also gone. The minor tweeks done on heroes are actually huge completely changing hero and lowering his power to under 50% . Therefor since i dont have the heroes i bought, i am now officially requesting a full money refund on what i spend on getting these heroes. Best regatds


@OldiesbutGoldies, might I suggest a letter to their offices might be a better way to pursue this matter.

Small Giant Games
Bulevardi 2-4a, 5th floor
00120 Helsinki

Of course this is just a suggestion.


I recognize that you are upset about the balance changes that were made to the game, but you need to realize that there’s basically zero chance of you getting your money back. For various legal, logical, and practical reasons, it’s just not gonna happen.

Let’s start from the legal side. In order to install and play the game, you had to agree to the Terms of Service, which state:


In the Service you may purchase, with “real world” money, a limited, personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license to use (a) “virtual currency”, including but not limited to virtual cash or “gems”, all for use in our games and (b) “virtual in-game items” (together with “virtual currency”, “Virtual Items”). You are only allowed to purchase Virtual Items from us or our authorised partners through the Service, and not in any other way.

We reserve the right to control, regulate, change or remove any Virtual Items without any liability to you.

First, note that you don’t even officially purchase any items. You purchase a license to use the items. So they didn’t ruin or damage your property, they changed their own property which you have permission to use. Secondly, the last sentence of the section I quoted above basically says that they can make any changes they want to whenever they want to, and they don’t owe you a thing for it. From a legal standpoint, you have no case - you agreed that they could change things, they changed things, the end.

There are also several logical issues with your request. The first and most obvious is that you never bought Magni, Boldtusk, or Athena. You bought gems (or possibly item packs with summon tokens), which you then spent. You are upset about what those gems got you, but you got exactly what you paid for: gems. It’s entirely possible that you could have spent all those gems and not gotten any 5* heroes. Would you still feel entitled to a refund because your gems didn’t get what you wanted? Even if you were entitled to a refund (which I don’t think you should be), what would you expect back? I assume you were buying 10x elemental summons, so each hero “costs” 260 gems. Athena was a free bonus summon, so she costs zero. From my perspective, you are, at best, entitled to 520 gems as a “refund,” or maybe the ~$5 they cost. Of course, I’ve done some legendary summons and not been pleased with the results, so should I get my gems back, too?

Additionally, whatever money you spent in your efforts to get these specific heroes (assuming you only spent money in order to get these heroes, as your post implies), that money also got you other heroes. Heroes which you then used to level up your other characters. Maybe you even got some other 4* and 5* heroes that you’re still using. If you want your 520 gems or $5 back, you need to also be willing to give up all those other characters, de-level your heroes that you leveled up using those characters you’re now returning, and give back any and all Titan loot and Wanted mission loot that you gained while using Magni, Boldtusk, Athena, or any of the other heroes you gained using those gems which you now want refunded. Otherwise you’re just asking for free use of the characters.

Finally, there’s the practical side of things. This is not the last balance change this game will encounter. More heroes will be nerfed. New heroes will come out that make the current “best” characters seem weaker by comparison. If Small Giant games gives you your money back because you don’t like your heroes any more, they open themselves up to hundreds more suits every time they make a balance change.

As I said at the beginning, I recognize that you’re upset about the balance changes and are looking for some sort of validation. Your complaints have some validity to them, but your expected outcomes are not reasonable.


It’s not what anyone wants to hear but you are speaking the truth sir


Identical thing is happening to me! they won’t do anything about it. I spend a lot of money getting HeL and now she is gone and I’ve emailed support at least a dozen times. I too need to seek legal action. She was gone after a device transfer.


Thank you for taking the time to explain it. Not everyone will be able to accept it though.